Sri Lanka to export medical marijuana

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By 2017-09-14

Minister of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Rajitha Seneratne said, that Sri Lanka would launch its first cannabis cultivation programme to supply the...... Ayurvedic medicine market and for export to the United States of America.

Minister Senarartne, who is also a co-Cabinet spokesman, addressing the Cabinet press briefing yesterday, said that it had been proposed to cultivate a 100 acre plantation to meet the local ayurvedic medicinal needs as well as to export high quality medical marijuana to the United States of America.

The cultivation would be carried out by the military, the Minister said, adding that the Army would be providing strict security as well.

"Many Ayurvedic doctors have complained to me that they are unable to obtain good quality marijuana for their preparations.

Good cannabis is a vital ingredient in the preparation of traditional medicines," the Minister said while noting that the ayurvedic and herbal medicine market heavily depended on handouts from Courts which provide confiscated drugs illegally grown or smuggled.

"By the time our ayurvedic doctors acquire the cannabis, the product is about four to five years old and has lost its potency," Minister Senaratne said.

He said that an area in Ingiriya had been proposed for the plantation and that any excess marijuana would be exported to the US.
"I'm told there is a high demand for Cannabis in the US and several other countries," he said. (SG)



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