Vithya murder Trial ends, Judgment on 27 Sept

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By 2017-09-14

By Ananth Palakidnar reporting from Jaffna

The Vithya Sivaloganathan murder Trial-at-Bar concluded yesterday with the defence claiming that witness Mohamed Ilfam was a fraudster, who had given all sorts of misinformation to mislead the Court, by saying that Swiss Kumar was trying to bribe Criminal Investigation Department (CID) official Nishantha Silva.

The Trial-at-Bar Bench announced that judgment would be delivered on 27 September 2017.

Following the end of the prosecution submissions on Tuesday (12) by Deputy Solicitor General P. Kumar Ratnam, yesterday the defence counsel Mahinda Jayawardena, appearing for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 8th accused, pointed out that all evidence was contradictory.

Counsel Jayawardena, while praising Deputy Solicitor General P. Kumar Ratnam's method of Prosecution, in his submission to the Bench pointed out that Mohamed Ilfam, who was one of the witnesses, was a fraudster with nearly 10 cases against him, that could put him behind bars. He said that the witness, Ilfam, had given false information that Swiss Kumar, who was the 9th accused in the murder case, had attempted to bribe Inspector Nishantha Silva of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

Counsel Jayawardena asked that if Swiss Kumar has made an attempt to bribe him through Mohamed Ilfam, as a responsible officer, why didn't the CID inspector make a complaint about the attempt made by the 9th suspect?

He also said that there was no clear evidence that the gruesome murder was videoed and the prosecution had failed to prove what had really happened at the scene of the crime.

Elaborating further on the witness Mohamed Ilfalm, Defense Counsel Jayawardena said that he would have created the bribe story to get money from the 9th accused.

Following the submissions made by Counsel A. Ragupathy appearing for the 5th accused, Counsel and S. Ketheeswaran for 4th 7th and 9th accused the three-month Trial- at-Bar concluded yesterday.

The Bench remanded all 9 accused till 27 September and pointed out need of delivering the judgment as early as possible. They set 27 September for delivery of the judgment.

The Bench also requested the victim Vithya Sivaloganathan's mother Saraswathi Sivaloganathan to be present in Court on the day of judgment.

The Trial-at- Bar bench comprised High Court Judges Sasi Mahendran (Chairman) Annalingam Premshankar and M. Ilanchelian.



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