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By 2017-09-16

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By Uwin Lugoda

Working out is an important part of any daily routine, but getting yourself to do it is always a tough battle. This is where music comes in.

Music has always had a way of motivating people, whether it is falling in love, travelling or working out. An amazing artiste coupled with a catchy beat is sure to encourage you to get up and exercise.

Here are the 10 most motivational workout songs for your playlist:

1. Remember The Name by Fort Minor -This chart topping rap song is one of the most famous motivational songs ever written. The rhythm, together with inspirational lyrics about how dedication helps you to be the best, is a great motivator in the gym.

2. Testify by Rage Against the Machines - Rage Against the Machines have released quite a few songs that are perfect for any workout playlist, but this song and its beat really get the blood pumping!

3. Mama Said Knock You Out by LL Cool J - This title cut from LL's fourth studio album put him on top of the billboard rap charts. The boxing inspired song has a beat that will definitely get you moving.

4. Another One Bites The Dust by Queen - With an unmistakable baseline and a beat that makes it almost impossible to sit still - whether it is working out in the gym, this song will pump you up.

5. Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes - The lyrics of the song literally talks about single handedly taking on an army. The song's underlying riffs, which can be heard throughout the song, have earned itself a spot as one of the greatest motivational songs of the decade.

6. Enter Sandman by Metallica - Metallica brings a more radio friendly sound along with an amazing riff in this single. What will get you moving however is the song's layered guitars and aggressive build up.

7. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk - The lyrics together with the Daft Punk's well known electronics vocals make this one of the go-to work out songs of the century.

8. Thunderstruck by AC/DC - The hard rocking rhythm of the song has earned it the place of being one of the most played songs in various sporting events. Most of AC/DC's songs go hand in hand with physical activity, but Thunderstruck makes you feel like there's no turning back at the gym.

9. Lose Yourself by Eminem -The track from '8 Mile' is filled with inspirational lyrics, beats and Eminem's iconic flow; the song makes you feel like you could accomplish anything you set your sights upon.

10. Eye of the Tiger by Survivor - This song was made to motivate and soon after its release, became a chart topper. The distinctive guitar riffs and the motivational lyrics plays a huge role in both, the Rocky movie and one's gym workout.



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