Astrological clue to the nature of your progeny

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By 2017-09-17

by Vishwamitra

Every person, man or woman would yearn for a child of his or her own. This natural desire would grow stronger after marriage.A child makes a married couple a family
It is a child that turns a couple into a family, a house into a home by the same token. It is the children to be born that inspire a young couple to plan everything for the future.

Even before a child is born, parents would develop a great desire to know in advance what kind of a person he or she would grow into and what kind of talents, skills and traits he or she would come to possess among various other things.

Characteristics of the child to be born
By analyzing the horoscopes of a married couple, a competent astrologer can say how many children they would have, both number-wise and gender-wise, what would be their nature and characteristics and even whether they would look after their parents in old age.

What kind of a person would be my child? What would be his future in general?
Some parents would pose these questions to an astrologer known to them when they are looking forward to a childbirth.
A competent astrologer can provide answers to these questions through a careful analysis of the 5th Bhava, the 5th lord and the Putrakaraka Jupiter in the Natal Chart of the parents concerned. An analytical study of the 9th House, the 9th lord, and the Dwadasamsa (12 Vargas or Division) chart of the parent concerned would also provide a clue to providing an answer to the question.
Characteristics of your child are largely influenced by the planet placed in your 5th House or Putra-bhava.

Planets in the 5th House
Different planets posited in the 5th House produce results as follows:
Sun: Few children. Very often the first child would not survive. If Mercury is conjunct with Sun producing the Budha-Aditya Yoga, the native would have a brilliant educational career. He would be either a doctor of medicine or somebody in para-medical services.
Moon: Many children. Some of them are girls. Children would be a source of happiness to the native.
Mars: Few children, one or two sons. Native would have to undergo much misery. Mars in the 5th in a female chart indicates the possibility of experiencing abortions.

Mercury: A brilliant and famous scholar. More daughters are a possibility. Native has fixed ideas which he is not prepared to change.
Jupiter: More Sons. The first son would be a sickly person. The younger sons would be disciplined and virtuous. Jupiter would exert a malefic effect on children when he transits the 5th House. Native has a sharp intellect. He would be a lawyer or a judge – a member of the judiciary. He would even be an advisor to the Head of State or hold a similar position.
Venus: More daughters. Children would be gook-looking. Native would be attached to his spouse and children.
Saturn: Few children. They would suffer from ill-health. Children would be a source of grief for the native. If Saturn is debilitated in this House, the native would become a billionaire.

Rahu: Few children. They may die prematurely. Native would be self-centred. No marital happiness due to unrequited love. Winnings from gambling or small investments and sudden gains of wealth during the Rahu Maha Dasa.
Ketu: More daughters. Children would suffer from ill health. However, they would do well in their studies. Native would develop a tendency to lead a spiritual life towards the end of life.

These results are subject to modification depending on the aspects, disposition of the 5th lord and strength and weakness of the 9th lord and the planet occupying the 5th House.



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