Vasu Defects that Affect Business Places

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By 2017-09-17

By Sanjeeva Kumara Rangalla

Most people are under the wrong impression that Vastu principles apply only to dwelling places. When building or maintaining a house or launching and running a business, Vastu principles should be given priority.

One may witness the collapse of 60 percent of the businesses that are run without any concern for Vastu principles. You may see some such business places closed down with their premises overgrown with weeds. This includes both large and small business places. There are many instances where Vastu defects take place at a business place.
Let us discuss about the major defects.

Building front
The building front and its direction is one of major concern that contributes to the success of an organization. Business places facing the directions of North-west and North-east although remain at a developed stage at the inception may later become fragile. The direction of the frontal, facing a sub-direction and its degree is also of great importance.

Front affected by Vedha Dosha
Inauspicious formations as described in Vastu can be found in front of business places such as Prathima Vedha Dosha.
Electric circuits and generators

When examining huge businesses that were closed down due to huge losses, we underwent this experience. Electric circuits and generators had hugely affected the accounts departments of these organizations. The expenses had increased steeply giving rise to employee problems. The final outcome had been to close down the business.

When accounts section is placed in an inauspicious location
The accounts department of an organization is like the heart of the organization. In some businesses it is found in a highly inauspicious place. Sometimes a staircase may be highly defective or facing a defective direction. A big organization in Colombo that was closed down had its safe placed in a small space underneath the stairs. It was a highly inauspicious placement.
Improper constructions
This is caused by lack of space that results from expanding buildings due to new additions. This burdens the centre of the building and imbalances the area of the building.

Toilets and sewage disposal
When examining certain business places it is clear that toilet, sewage disposal systems and the septic tanks are not built systematically. The septic tank may be located close to the front of the building. These formations may create much inauspiciousness. That may also cause incurable diseases in the business owner or the CEO. Incapacitated head of the organization means collapse of the business.

Inauspicious staircase
Properly located staircase in an auspicious direction should have the proper number of steps. The direction not being correct may render the upper floors useless. It may also cause huge losses.
I have shown certain instances where Vastu defects can occur at a business place. These defects may affect the smooth operation of the organization in the long run. We have seen some organizations adopting solutions from abroad without adhering to Vastu solutions. Although it may not be incorrect, it may not remove Vast defects. By operating in a place without Vastu defects, you can derive the highest benefits from a business.



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