Venus the planet of love

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By 2017-09-17

By Jayantha Ekanayake

In Astrology Venus, the beauty of the zodiac is generally known as the planet that brings mundane happiness to a native. It is also known as the planet that stimulates romance in human heart. Although Venus makes people fall in love, it is also capable of producing the opposite results when it is placed with malefic aspects. Even one's life would turn upside down due to its malefic consequences. Let us consider the possible outcomes that could be expected when Venus is conjunct with other planets.

Sun- Venus

These individuals who tend to lead prestigious lives are also concerned about status in forming relationships. As a result, their marriages may get delayed and those who are married might have to undergo bitter experiences after marriage.

Moon – Venus
Individuals with this planetary configuration are inspirational as they are frank in relationships and they tend to be compassionate towards their partners. One's relationships might be strengthened due to Moon- Venus duo; but results might be opposite when there are malefic aspects. Sensitivity and passion are commonly seen among persons influenced by Moon – Venus duo. Persons might be powerfully motivated sensually due to this combination.

Mars – Venus
Persons with this planetary aspect might fall in love when they are too young; and they might not be satisfied with one relationship. Therefore, they might be involved in several relationships. Individuals aspected by Mars – Venus combination might get into trouble as persons are strongly motivated by sensuality.

Mercury – Venus
Individuals with this planetary combination might form several relationships and they might not realize the depth of a relationship; but at last they would be in the right path and pick the most suitable partner for them.

Jupiter- Venus
These individuals seem to be strongly attached to their spouse and are highly concerned about family prestige. Their romance seems free from obstacles.

Saturn – Venus
This combination is not considered auspicious in astrology as it might make persons frustrated in relationships. Persons with this planetary formation might be fed up with their mundane life. Some might fall in love with older persons due to the effect of this combination. Delays in marriage, psychological and physical discomfort could be experienced.

Rahu – Venus
These persons might often find themselves deceived in relationships and might encounter unwanted problems. They seem to be repenting over their relationships and their reputation might also be endangered by Rahu- Venus combination.

Kethu- Venus
Break ups and other relationship issues might have to be experienced as the persons with Kethu-Venus aspect seem to influence their feelings and emotions towards the spouse . On the other hand, they may tend to be rather mystical.



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