Omens connected with muscle twitching

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By 2017-09-17

By W.A. Sarathchandra

Many sciences that existed in the island have disappeared into oblivion due to foreign invasions and the unexposed parts of teachings which was the tradition in the past (Guru Mushti). It is the duty of knowledgeable people to prevent such ancient sciences from disappearing.

Muscle Fasciculation is one such discipline that was closely associated with common masses which has relevance to the present as well as the future. According to legend, princes and queens in the past sought help from the wise men to learn this science. Although this has to be studied in depth, it is uncertain whether the modern sociologists sitting in easy chairs have time for such pursuits.
Certain animals are imbibed with the ability to sense danger in advance. It is a known fact that pigs flee the jungles when an earthquake is occurring thousands of miles away. We experienced this phenomenon during the Tsunami. The animals that sensed danger fled the area in advance but on the contrary human beings came closer to the area. Scores of people lost their lives in comparison to the limited number of animals that perished.

Scientists define this characteristic in animals as their defence mechanism. Human beings too possess this ability. The onslaught of white blood cells against invading bacteria and other germs in our bodies is also a part of this mechanism. We have another such mechanism associated with our bodies, of which we know only a little. This is known as the science of muscular fasciculation (muscle twitch).

The spontaneous muscle twitches one may feel in certain parts of the body are supposed to be part of a defence mechanism. If this happens without the symptoms of a disease, it may be a warning sign about a future condition.

As we are unaware of this future occurrence, we may end up in unnecessary difficulties. The muscular vibrations may be predicting a future event. There are accurate scientific factors and I would like to request the skeptics to carry out experiments in this regard, with their friends and associates; by doing so you will be protecting this science of tremendous possibilities, for the posterity.
There are many elements to this science. When there is a muscle twitch in any part of the body, it explains something entirely different. By gaining a broader understanding of this subject, you can prepare in advance for your daily routine as well as future mishaps as mentioned by the ancient Rishis.



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