Latest addition to the iphone family

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By 2017-09-18

By Shenali Welikala

Its 10 years since the first iPhone was released. There was rumour and excitement for many months about a new iPhone to commemorate the iPhone's 10th anniversary. As a result, the release of iPhone X, a special edition phone was announced on 11 September 2017, at the Steve Jobes Theater by the Apple CEO Tom Cook.

Though it was announced alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which are iterative improvements over the 7/7 Plus, the iPhone X definitely has something different from its predecessors.

Even though the product and the sociological value for iPhones are in another level comparing to Apple's rivals, the newest situation seems as if the feedbacks from the public is not entirely positive.

Before digging deep into the product here is everything you need to know about it in a nutshell.

The Design: 143.6mm X 70.9 mm X 7.7mm, 174g, glass on front and back-surgical grade stainless steel frame, water and dust resistant IP67, no Home button, Space Gray and Silver colour options.

The Screen: 5.8 inch HDR OLED edge-to-edge display, 2436 X 1125 pixel resolution ( 458ppi)

Specs: Apple A11 Bionic 6-core SoC with Apple GPU, Face ID,Stereo speakers, Fast-charging capable (50% charge in 30 minutes), wireless charging, iOS 11.

Let's now move on to a critical analysis of the product design. Can you see something missing at a glance of the iPhone X? "The Home Button" It's no longer there. With iPhone 7, Apple removed the head phone jack. This time it's the home button. This sums up the conclusion that all the future iPhones will no longer have Home Buttons. This might be infuriating for the loyal iPhone users, yet Samsung users might not worry of such an architectural design since neither the Samsung Galaxy S8 nor LG G6 have buttons below the screen.

As an added advantage the screen size of the phone is much larger than iPhone 7 and this turns out to be the best looking phone after the iconic iPhone 4. If you are wondering whether the headphone jack made a comeback, no it hasn't. You might still need to purchase or use your Lightning-cable headphones or wireless headphone and of course there is the wireless Airpods.

Even though there are no such iconic changes in the specs, the pixel size is large and the ISP (Image Signal Processor) seems to be much faster. Apple also promises 83% more light in the photos and 36% more light for the second rear sensor. The second rear camera now has OIS (Optical Image Stabilization).

Then there is the face recognition system. Due to the omission of the Home Button, there needs to be a method to replace it. The TrueDepth Camera system helps to do the job.

The next important factor is the A11 Vionic chip, which is a neural engine, processes the image in real time and that can mathematically map the shape and contours of your face.

Wireless charging is also available with iPhoneX. It is Qi compatible, which means you will be able to use any Qi charger you might already own. The disadvantage with Qi charging is that the charging speed is twice as slow as the charging cable.

However there was one thing that was not mentioned when the announcement was made. It's that, the iPhone X comes with smart charging. That means you can get 50% of the battery life back from a 30 minutes quick charge. The battery life is as twice as long the battery life of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

You might already know that iPhone X benefits from newer OLED technology. This is the first time this technology was used in an iPhone. It is called the Super Retina Display, and measures 5.8 inches, with a resolution of 2,436 x 1125 pixels. It has an added Dobly Vision and HDR10 spport for stunning video playback. It also features TrueTone dynamic white balance adjustment, iPhone X is the highest resolution iPhone screen we've ever seen.

When referring to all the above one might say that the product will indeed become a user's favourite yet when browsing through articles and blogs your idea might change. After all the final judgment is in the hands of the users. Therefore let's wait and watch.




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