We are making plans to topple the Government

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By 2017-09-20

By Prageeth Sampath

In 100 days it was not done. Two years passed it was not done. Now to whom are they saying that they will develop the country by 2025.

We are planning to topple the Government, it may in an election or in some other way.
Nuwara Eliya District Member of Parliament of the United People's Freedom Alliance C. B. Ratnayake says Arundika Fernando won the election thanks to Mahinda's photo, 'If Arundika wants to contest the next election, whatever privileges he enjoys in this Government, he has to be with the true SLFP. That is why he left the Government.'

Excerpts of the interview:

? The Joint Opposition made plans to topple the Government. Now, what has happened?

A: We will anyhow make plans to topple this Government. It could be through an election or some other way.

? Does that mean a conspiracy?

A: No. There is no need of conspiracies to topple this Government. Parliamentarians and Ministers are leaving voluntarily.

? Instead doing the duty of the main opposition is it correct to just keep obstructing the incumbent Government?

A: The current Opposition is only nominal; the true role of the Opposition in this country is by the JO and we say correct to what is right, wrong to what is wrong. They obtained a mandate from the people to do something good but what has happened even before 30 months could lapse, ministers are accused of malpractices and wrong doings.

The only thing that happened during this period was the sale of the country's resources, to exist. Can we just say keep quiet about that? We are doing this because of the people's mandate and their trust in us.

? These people, who have placed their trust in you today, aren't they, the very people who rejected the Alliance in 2015.

A: That is correct, even before 30 months could lapse they have rejected this Government and are asking for us again. When we oppose, the Government says its being unpatriotic, even so, the people are with us.

? Were you all not betting and waging to topple the Government of Good Governance

A: We can't bet and wage to overturn a Government; we are marking time until the people get fed up with the Government.

? Hasn't this Government done anything for this country?

A: What did they do? Did they fulfil any of their promises? No. There was the 100 day promises which went on to be done in a year from being elected; which later became two years, now not having done anything they are saying they will develop the country in 2025. Whom are they bluffing? The Good Governance Government is bound by foreign forces, and is working on their agenda.

? You are pointing out the faults of this Government to cover up those of the past regime?

A: Oh no!

? The call is to prove the accusations?

A: Because these can be acts of revenge too

? When corruption is being punished is it correct to say it is revenge?

A: It is not like that.

? Isn't that what you are saying now?

A: Are you referring to the Sil Cloth incident.

? Yes, are you not contradicting Court?

A: No. Just look at this verdict well. Judges says that not even a cent has been cheated. However, when you consider the verdict, it is clear that the distribution took place during the election period. But this was a decision made on account of the Sambuddha Jayanthi. At that time there was no election in sight, and it was implemented according to plan.

? But the distribution was during the election period?

A: The people interpret this in various ways. The Maha Sangha who saved the Buddha Sasana gave an account and Sil cloth was distributed accordingly, in keeping with their wishes. They were distributed to the Buddhists of this country. When the Maha Sangha is carrying out their obligations do not point fingers at them in an accusatory manner. They have a right to engage in those tasks. The same finger should not be pointed at the JO and do not ask whether it is justified or not.

? Whatever you say you cannot become clean?

A: It is the people who will decide on that. In 2015 the people gave the verdict. Do not keep playing with that verdict. The Opposition Leader is not critical of this Government; they are on the stand for a Federal system. The JVP is also shouting Mahinda is a thief. What we are saying is not to only find fault with the defeated regime but the current Government's errors too should be pointed out.

? Is that why you are trying to get the SLFP Ministers in Government?

A: There is no need to get them. They are aware that they cannot go on a long journey with this Government. They know that to contest an election they have to join with the JO.

? Is that what Arundika Fernando did?

A: Yes. Arundika Fernando won the election thanks to Mahinda's photo. If he wants to contest the next election, whatever privileges he enjoys in this Government, he has to be with the true SLFP. That is why Arundika left the Government.

? He didn't come out?

A: No, he was removed from his Ministerial post.

? Then why did he go to the President again? Must be to get Maithri's photo to use at the next election?

A: I cannot say anything about that. You have to ask Arundika about that. Whoever comes or does not come, our coming to power cannot be prevented.

? You too can go with Arundika's theory?

A: Yes I can.

? How is that?

A: You have to say yes to everything.

? Did Arundika do that?

A: I do not know about that. I am telling you my view.

? Although you were talking big, that you were opposed to the 20 A, it was passed in three Provincial Councils. Now you do not have power in the Provincial Councils also?

A: People can interpret it in different ways. However, if people's representatives can be bought for money or for posts, then this country will be betrayed. In the past, in 1815, conflict was created among us and the British captured Sri Lanka, and our flag was brought down. We suffered due to these conflicts. In 1818 we were betrayed, and those who double crossed were given official posts and privileges. It is the same thing that is happening today. Anyhow the future of this country is very bleak.

? What is your opinion on the 20th Amendment?

A: Do not ask me about that. Ask Wigneswaran about it. Sumanthiran and Wigneswaran are with the Oppositions Leader. He went to the temples in Asgiriya and Malwatte and what did he say on coming out?

? JO is being accused of spreading a rumour; that the war heroes are being betrayed. Why are you doing that?

A: It was the President who mentioned that story. He was the General Secretary of the SLFP prior to becoming the President. I was a Deputy Secretary of the SLFP for six years too.

? The story of betraying war heroes is something that is being spread. Is it being done for political advantage?

A: We will come out in favour of what is just. There is no need of politics for that. The person who is making these allegations did not get a people's mandate, rather came to Parliament on the National List - his choice of language and the way he speaks of the Maha Sangha is very ugly. Buddhist monks do not have surnames. They take the name of the village because of their village qualities. It is to such a Maha Sangha that a person with a distorted mindset is saying these things.

? Why was such a person appointed as Army Commander?

A: Sometimes, even though the stall owner does not kill animals, there has to be someone who is willing to cut up the fish, for the business to run. That is how he was deployed at the end of the war. It is ugly, the manner in which he addresses the Sangha.



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