Excavation in Gommunnakanda 450 families affected

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By 2017-09-23

Due to excavation work carried out by a private firm in some 2,500 acres of land, in the Gommunnakanda area, in the Rideegama and Mawathagama Divisional Secretariat in the Kurunegala District, around 450 families in 12 villages have been severely affected for want of water for drinking and irrigation activities.

Some 280 acres of paddy land have been badly affected in the Rideegama and Mawathagama areas due to the work undertaken by the firm William Woodley Private Limited.

Villagers charged that the cultivation of spice crops such as cinnamon, cloves, ginger, coffee and cocoa to name a few have been abandoned, and soil in the area has begun to erode leading to the drying up of water reserves and the possibility of earth slips.

Due to these reasons the villagers having come together as an organization and engaged in protests and demonstrations prior to taking legal action against the destruction that is caused to the area while scores of families have been left displaced.



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