Interim Report on Constitutional Amendments attacked Play on critical words risk country’s sovereignty – SP Gov

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By 2017-09-23


Hemakumara Nanayakkara, Governor of Southern Province and the leader of Mawbima Janatha Pakshaya said, yesterday (22), that the Interim Report on Constitutional...... Amendments, that was presented in the Parliament on 21 September, not only paves the way for separatism but is also detrimental to the sovereignty of the country.

He added that the report does not provide a proper English terminology for the words Ekiya Rajya or the Orumiththa Nadu. "There is high propensity for them to adopt the term 'United States' rather than Unitary State later on", he charged.

He further said that the Sri Lanka's Government is incorrectly referred to as Central Government which should not be the term to be used. "If the Government is referred to as Central Government, Provincial Councils should be called Provincial Governments whereas; only Provincial Councils exist in the country with one Government. Hence, the word used in the Interim Committee Report for the Government as Central Government paves way for Federalism,' he explained.

He also reprehended the Chief Minister of the Northern Provincial Council for making a huge outcry for Federalism and said that the ordinary Tamil people are not in need of that.

He pointed out that some clauses in the Interim Report propose the amalgamation of PCs and that can also lead to Federalism. If the Northern and Eastern Provinces are to be amalgamated, there will be a huge uproar against it. Northern Province has a predominant Tamil Community and Muslims are predominant in the Eastern Province. If the two provinces are amalgamated, one CM will be appointed for both provinces. In that case Tamils would not welcome a Muslim Chief Minister and vice versa,' he elaborated. He also stressed the importance of securing rights of the regional minority.

Governor Nanayakkara charged that INGO and Tamil Diaspora funded members of the steering committee on Constitutional Amendments of attempt to remove the term 'Unitary State' to pave way for Federalism. "Those who are funded by extremist movements have a prominent voice in the Steering Committee and patriotic voices of others are not aired properly," he said. Nanayakkara also mentioned that the Provincial Council concept was enforced upon Sri Lanka by India and people of the country are not in need of that as Sri Lanka is a small country.



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