Handa Eliyata Wedi Tiyanna

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By 2017-09-24

Handa Eliyata Wedi Tiyanna (Kill the Moonlight), a drama by Tanuj Anawarathne and produced by Iranthi Abeyasinghe will be staged on September 26 and 27 at Punchi Theatre at 7.00pm.
Rohan's wife Janaki, is older than him and also happens to be the daughter of the State Cultural Minister. Her father's influence has made Rohan the Director General of State Cultural

Department, but both are deeply frustrated by not having children of their own. Rohan seeks
advice from his friend Dr. Sumith, a gynecologist. Dr. Sumith's diagnosis finds Janaki not being
fertile, but Rohan hides it from her and continues to maintain an image of a happy marriage in
the public eye, despite Janaki carrying false hopes of becoming a mother.

Meanwhile Rohan starts a casual affair with his private secretary Sankethi and as a result she
becomes pregnant. Knowing Janaki's infertility, Sankethi hides her pregnancy from Rohan and
he finds out after five months into the pregnancy. Rohan meets with his friend Dr. Sumith again
and asks him to perform an abortion on Sankethi. Dr. Sumith rejects Rohan's idea, citing fetus
being too old. Helpless Rohan is told to disappear by Dr. Sumith until the dust is settled. Drama
ends with Janaki and Sankethi randomly running into each other at a park, which Rohan has
frequented with both separately on previous occasions. Not knowing each other's true identities,

two women engage in small talk. Janaki informs Sankethi about her missing husband and how
she is still waiting for his return. Sankethi in return, informs Janaki about she being pregnant
with her now-missing boyfriend's child and expresses her decision to move on with her life until
she meets someone who accepts her as she is; a single mother with a child out of wedlock.
The caste of the drama includes Neeta Fernando, Janaka Kumbukage, Jayanath Bandara and Nadeeshani Peliarachchi.




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