close look at dreaded Sakata Yoga

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By 2017-09-24

By Vishwamitra

There are many Arishta Yogas or evil planetary combinations taught in Astrology. There are several better known evil yogas among them such as Kalasarpa Yoga, Sarpa Yoga, Kuja Dosha Yoga and Sakata Yoga, because they are more dreadful than most others. Of these better known evil yogas, Sakata Yoga stands out as one that baffles most students of Astrology for its interpretation and assessment appears to be more complex than most others.

Definition and interpretations of the Sakata Yoga
Let us first discuss how this evil yoga arises. According to Indian sage, Vaidyanatha Dikshita Sakata Yoga is formed when the Moon is in the 6th or the 8th Bhava from Jupiter in the Natal Chart of an individual. However, the yoga becomes ineffectual if the Moon is found in a Kendra (a quadrant) from the Ascendant.

Why it stands out
The Sakata Yoga is more dreaded than other evil yogas for two reasons: one reason is that the very presence of this yoga in a Natal Chart, nullifies all other yogas present in it and the other is that this yoga persists throughout one's life whereas all other evil yogas would operate ONLY during the Maha Dasa or Antar Dasa periodsof the planet or planets causing the evil yoga.

Evil effects of Sakata Yoga
According to Indian sage Mantreswara, the author of the classical work, Phaladeepika, Sakata Yoga, would arise even if the Moon is placed in the 12th from Jupiter.
Regarding the effects of the yoga due to visit on the native, the sage Dikshita says in a Sanskrit verse:

Api raja kule jato
Niswa sakata yojah
Kelsa yasavasa nityam
Santapto nrupa vipiyah!
The meaning: even a person born into a royal family is condemned to poverty, misery in his daily life, and would incur wrath of the kings. (In today's context, the native would suffer a punishment imposed by the judiciary).

Mantreswara says in the Sanskrit classical work, Phaladeepika:
Kwachit kawachit Bhagya parichyatah
Pinah sarva mupaite Bhagya
Loke prasidho pariharyta mantah salyam
Prapannah sakate iti dukhi
The meaning: One born with this yoga would be bereft of luck or would lose luck, but may regain what he has lost. Such a person is destined to mediocre status and just a nonentity in the world. He would suffer much grief and would be unhappy to the core of his soul.

There are planetary positions that nullify or render ineffective practically all evil yogas. Sakata Yoga is no exemption to this general rule. In fact, there are factors that not only nullify the Sakata Yoga or even those that turn this Sakata Yoga into an auspicious yoga. When the Sakata Yoga is rendered auspicious, it is called Kalyana Sakata Yoga.
Exceptions to the general rule
Let us first discuss the planetary positions that nullify the evil Sakata Yoga or the exceptions to the general rule relating to the arising of Sakata Yoga.

Sakata Yoga does not arise when Moon is in exaltation (in the first three degrees in Taurus) or in its own House where Zodiacal sign Cancer falls or in the Houses of Jupiter despite it being placed in the 6th, 8th or the 12th from Jupiter. This position not only nullifies the Sakata Yoga but also gives rise to the auspicious Mukuta Yoga that raises the native to very high status.

Sakata Yoga gets nullified if the Moon posited in the 6th, 8th or the 12thfrom Jupiter if aspected by Mars
Rahu in conjunction with the Moon or aspecting Jupiter is another factor that renders Sakata Yoga inoperative.
If the Moon is full despite being in the 6th, 8th or the 12th from Jupiter Sakata Yoga gets cancelled out.

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