Know the zodiac sign of your partner

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By 2017-09-24

BY J.A.N. Jayalody

Young people may entertain certain likes and dislikes as regards the traits of their future partners. The Astrologer will provide you with details as regards the direction where you will find your partner, their occupations, appearance and economic status.

In this article I would like to draw your attention towards the method of finding the zodiac sign and the constellation under which your partner was born.

When reading about marriage, the 7th House should be given priority. Malefic planets being present in the 2nd and the 7th Houses may create delay and obstacles to marriage.

The ruler of the 7th House becoming the 22nd Derkanadhipathi or the 22nd Derkanadhipathi being placed in the 7th House is not regarded as conducive to marriage. This may also result in interracial or inter-caste marriages or disparity in age.
To know the zodiac sign of your partner look at the 7th House of your horoscope. The planets present in the 7th House, and when ruler of the 7th House being located in another Bhava with other planets the most powerful out of them should be sought. This powerful planet and the constellation to which it belongs will belong to your partner.

Studying this in-depth will help one in reading horoscopes immensely. Some people will select replies received for their matrimonial advertisement, only when they come under their own sign and the constellation. Let us examine several such horoscopes.
The nature of the wife of the owner of this horoscope can be examined through the 7th house. Moon is placed in the 7th House. Ruler of the 7th House, Saturn is placed in the 12th House with Sun, Mercury and Rahu. Let us look at Moon placed in the 7th House. Moon is neutral in Capricorn. Let us examine the ruler of the 7th House Saturn placed in the 12th House, Sun, Mercury and Rahu. Out of them Mercury is the most powerful planet. It is in its own House(Swakshetra). Therefore the sign which belongs to Mercury should be the sign of his wife. Gemini and Virgo belong to Mercury. She is born to Virgo. Why was she born to Virgo and not Gemini. The 12th is Gemini and 3rd is Virgo. The reason is that the strength of the 3rd House overriding the 12th House.

Let us read another horoscope. This female has been born on 26.8.1975 into Virgo Lagna and Taurus Navamsha. In this horoscope Moon is placed in the 7th House. Ruler of the 7th House Jupiter is placed in the 8th House which is Aries. Jupiter is inimical to Aries. Moon was in Pisces. Pisces is powerful. Therefore her husband is born to Cancer.

This method can be used to find the sign of the partner by examining the 7th House and the location of the ruler of the 7th House. Even if the sign is different, it could at least belong to the same constellation.



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