Time to read first letters to toddlers

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By 2017-09-24

By Ayrvedic Dr. Rupasinghe

A Saraswathi Yoga that will be dawning on September 27 Wednesday at 6.05 am, will be highly appropriate for reading the first letters of the alphabet to children.

When considering the Thath Kala Hora and the Panchama Hora of Mercury, this Yoga will help children who read their first letters during this auspicious time achieve academic success.
It is considered auspicious to read the first letters when a toddler has completed two years of age and is spending his third year and after competing four years and spending the fifth year.

The ancient texts say that the solar months of Virgo Sun, Libra Sun and Scorpio Sun are highly auspicious for children to read their first letters. It is mentioned that this includes the period between 16 September and 15 December while Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are considered most auspicious days for this purpose while Monday and Sunday are supposed to be of medium effect. Therefore after duly making vows to Goddess Saraswathie and other deities, it will be auspicious to read the letters to a child facing the North.

This will be specially beneficial for children who were born under the constellations of Pusha, Hatha, Punavasa, Anura, Asvida, Sitha, Sa, Suvana, Muvasirasa, Ada, and Berana. It will also be beneficial for children born under Utraputupa, Utrapala, Utrasala, Rehena, Siyavasa, Revathi, Utrapal, Utraputupa, and Utrasala. These timings will help create the most intelligent children who will serve the nation.



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