Strangers to friends

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By 2017-09-24

By Nirupa Mohan
Ceylon Today Features

Table 19 is a fun comedy drenched drama film, which brings together a group of strangers, each with their own lives and personal conflicts. The movie proved to be a well scripted film from start to finish, with great one-liners and just straightforward humour.

The film stars Anna Kendrick as Eloise McGarry, the bride's oldest friend and ex-maid of honour. She was dumped via a text message after two years of dating her oldest friend's brother, Teddy (Wyatt Russell), but decides to accept the invitation and attend the wedding.

There at her table, No 19, she meets a group of individuals, whose stories unfold as the movie progresses. The film also stars Lisa Kudrow as Bina Kepp, Craig Robinson as Jerry Kepp, Stephen Merchant as Walter Thimple, June Squibb as Jo Flanagan and Tony Revolori as Rezno Eckberg, all of whom are great actors but lack character depth in this film.Though the film revolves around each of the characters, it still doesn't seem enough to make it a movie about all those at the table.

Table 19 is a table filled with a mix of people who don't really belong, and should have probably sent in their regrets. They feel like they don't matter from the back of the room, though it's the same celebration no matter where you sit at a wedding. The backstory of each person slowly progresses but what keeps the film going isn't the storyline but the drama and comedy elements.

Anna as always, managed to deliver a good performance and that little extra character trait to the film, which was clearly needed. Especially since Anna's role as the ex at a wedding, having to keep herself calm with emotional depth isn't one that's easy to play, but she still made it an enjoyable movie to watch.

With the vibrant use of colour and cinematography, it makes the visuals more appealing, given the fact that this isn't a film that's about a deep plot but is one that focuses on the emotions.
The film manages to deliver an easy to watch story, that's not overly dramatic but is filled with quick laughs and a sense of blunt comedy that's easy to appreciate for the honest straightforward appeal it brings to the screen.

Like when Walter tries to fit in with the guests and just keeps telling each individual what they want to hear, that he has the same interests or is in the same trade or just says he is a businessman but is unable to explain what business he is in. The 87 minute film by director Jeffrey Blitz together with producers Tom McNulty, Mark Roberts and Shawn Levy, together with production companies 21 Laps Entertainment and 3311 Productions was made with a budget of just five million dollars. It went on to earn the same five million at the box office. The film was plagued by low ratings, with 24% featured on Rotten Tomatoes, a mere 1/5 on The Guardian and a moderate 5.8/10 on IMDb.

This isn't a film that's sophisticated or is one that's going to be remembered, but is clearly a film that's just fun to watch for a few laughs and is sure to keep anyone who likes a bit of drama based comedy, entertained.



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