SLC using Cricketers as ‘guinea pigs’ – Pramodya

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By 2017-09-26

CT Sports: Former Sri Lanka World Cup winning cricketer and former Selection Committee member Pramodya Wickramasinghe, states that ICC Anti-Corruption Unit's (ACU) decision to investigate Sri Lanka Cricket had been taken well before his TV interview or the petition to SLC by National players. He also stated that SLC is using cricketers as 'guinea pigs'.

"I made direct inquiries with the ACU who confirmed that the decision to investigate the affairs of Sri Lanka Cricket had been taken very much prior to my interview or the so called 'Petition' by the Sri Lankan players. Therefore, it is clear that the reason for the investigation by ACU is due to the puerile and unprofessional conduct of the Administration of Sri Lanka Cricket. In fact, in my press statement I have urged His Excellency the President of Sri Lanka to appoint a Commission in order to have minimal interference from International Units," said Wickramasinghe in a press release.

He also states that SLC has not made it clear as to the reason for such inquiry by the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU) of the ICC. "In fact the said Statement may lead the cricket loving general public to believe that the inquiry by the ACU had been initiated either due to my interview on 08/09/2017 or the subsequent so called 'Petition' by the 40 contracted Sri Lankan players," Wickramasinghe further said in the release.

He further said that he had not made any 'allegations' against the players.

"It must be noted that the player contracts prevent the players from voicing their genuine opinion in public. In that light, it is abundantly clear that Sri Lanka Cricket is merely using the players as 'guinea pigs' continuing to exert pressure on the players thus preventing them from concentrating on the game," stated Wickramasinghe.

On Sunday SLC sent out a press release stating: "ICC ACU has commenced a preliminary inquiry in Colombo with regard to various allegations that had been circulating in the recent past."

On last Saturday ICC confirmed that they are carrying out investigation in Sri Lanka . As Ceylon Today learns three ICC ACU officials who are carrying out investigations in Sri Lanka includes ACU Information Manager Martin Vertigen. (AK)




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