Students struggle without teachers in Kalpitiya

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By 2017-09-26


Several schools in the Kalpitiya area are faced with a shortage of teachers for core subjects as well as administrative staff, Ceylon Today learns.

According to a former principal of a school in the area, Sunil Nonis, the shortage of teachers is such that it is a major factor contributing to student absenteeism.

"These students do not have teachers for subjects like Mathematics and Science. A grade 10 class starts with around 40 students and by the time the Ordinary Level (O/L) year comes up, there are only 14 students left in the class," he said, adding "The thing is that the Government transfers the required number of teachers, but most of them just don't show up."

Speaking to Ceylon Today, a student of the Kuringnanpitiya Roman Catholic (Sinhala) Vidyalaya said "We haven't had a proper teacher for Maths or Science this entire year. Our Principal and several outsiders come to the school and make us do papers because we will be sitting our OL exams this year. But we haven't even started the syllabus, let alone finish it."

According to Nonis, many students opt to drop out of school even before they sit for their O/L Examination because they feel that getting a job is a better option to education.



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