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By 2017-10-01

By Nirupa Mohan

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American Assassin, based on the 2010 novel by Vince Flynn, is an action thriller movie dabbed in tragedy. It is touching and emotionally drowning, which locks in viewers' right from the start, making it a movie that makes you care about loss and about staying focused on a cause.

The 111 minute film by director Michael Cuesta, together with producers Nick Wechsler and Lorenzo di Bonaventura by CBS Films, was made with a budget of 33 million dollars. It has earned 24 million dollars at the worldwide box office.

The film was rated 35% on Rotten Tomatoes, 6.7/10 on IMDb, 2.5/4 on Roger Ebert and 2.9/5 on Movie Insider. It's one that is consistently moving forward with a realistic take, bold concepts and intent in place.

The story centres on Mitch Rapp played by Dylan O'Brien, a man happily in love proposing to his girlfriend. But within minutes, in an attack on the beach, his fiancée is killed by terrorists in a shootout killing spree. The story changes almost instantly into clear focus, with one objective, that is to destroy terrorists. This is a film that focuses on emotion and is driven fearlessly from inception, backed by a clearly well-developed character in the lead role. Meanwhile, the CIA black ops take Mitch on board given his determination and drive, which is something they can't train in someone if they don't already have what it takes with nothing else to loose.

Michael Keaton plays the role of Stan Hurley, a cold war veteran who is given the task of training the new recruit. But with random attacks at play and lives at stake, they must work together. They need to not only put aside their differences but also become allies with others who share the same interests, if they want to stay focused on stopping a global war before it begin.

The story has chaos that sets up the character, builds into a story that makes you care and then continues to be well executed, with well-planned action sequences. It slows down as the plot unfolds, adding a bit of drama, but stays focused on the cause in a determined sense. Mitch built himself on his own, wanting to infiltrate terrorists groups as a loose cannon. Eventually with more training and parallel sub plots in the mix the film becomes even more serious, with more at stake, adding in more purpose and danger.

This is a movie that is engaging, and stays true to its focus, but is not one that's fresh as a new storyline. Regardless, it's a film that's worth watching not only for the key character performances but for the initial drive and intensity that makes the film have more depth than other film's that tend to focus on revenge or try to centre themselves on a core drive. This is a film that seems to have depth and a bit of passion in what its committed to achieving from start to finish.



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