Bite sized rom-com with a twist

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By 2017-10-01

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage
Ceylon Today Features

Romantic comedies are plentiful in modern anime releases. Most of these are extremely generic and fail to raise themselves above the thousands of other titles.

The hit anime series Tsurezure Children, which is nearing its finale, makes itself special by restricting itself to 12 minute long episodes. It also tells the stories of not one, but over 20 high-school youths who find romance, which leaves a big question in mind. How can you cram so many stories in such a short amount of time? Tsurezure Children does this by dropping all of the excess material that a normal romantic comedy series holds on to.

Instead of following the characters through every moment, the series jumps to the most memorable moments of each couple's story. The confession, the first date and many other moments that couples would undoubtedly cherish are all brought to life with the hilarious awkwardness that youths who have no clear idea about what to do or what should be done.

This is the core comedic concept of the story. Young love is never as rose-tinted or dramatic as television love stories make them out to be. This dissonance, when shown in over-proportionate views is truly untapped potential and is refreshingly joyous to see. By slashing each episode down to twelve minutes, the producers have in-fact made a great choice to balance the original material's format. The series originated as a four-panel web comic which later gained popularity. In this format, a story is told using only four or multiples of four panels and makes it conclusion. It makes each story short and the punch lines quick. Similar to that, the anime moves forward at a breakneck pace and still manages to take the viewer on a pleasurable ride filled with slapstick jokes and heartfelt moments.

Young love takes many unique and fascinating forms in Tsurezure Children. It shows how young adults find themselves and each other as they move forward and mature into adults. It tells the hilarious stories of misguided fantasies and the failures that come when over-thinking about romantic involvement.

From being unable to confess to not knowing what real love actually feels like, the series makes comedic moments pop from the various obstacles that can arise when learning about romantic attraction for the first time. But underneath all that, the story still manages to remind us that young love is something truly beautiful to behold, and manages to remind the viewer of how much a person must cherish those moments, which in part leads to brand new experiences in the path to adulthood.

There is no finite conclusion to these stories just as there hardly ever is in real life. However, Tsurezure Children is available to be read in its original format or as an animated adaptation online. This bite-sized romantic comedy is undoubtedly a title that is worthy to be savoured.



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