Kite Surfing Lanka Kalpitiya An experience of a lifetime

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By 2017-10-01

By Uwin Lugoda

Kite Surfing is one of the greatest water sports ever invented. It's just you, your power kite and the sea. Kite Surfing, for those who don't know, is one of the most extreme surface water sports in the world, and it can only be performed at a handful of places around the world. Luckily for us Sri Lanka has quite a few of these places, some of which are in Kalpitiya and Mannar.

Kalpitiya provides the perfect environment for kite surfers, with its windy beaches and calm seas. Even with perfect conditions, kite surfing takes a lot of practice and the help of skilled instructors to perform. Located around four hours from Colombo, Kalpitiya has become every kite surfer's dream, attracting many tourist and professional kite surfers from all around the world.

This is where Kite Surfing Lanka comes in. Kite Surfing Lanka in Kalpitya provides a comfortable kite surfing experience with extremely skilled and friendly instructors. The camp is an authentic experience of our culture as well as it gives the thrill of kite surfing.
Located at the very edge of Kalpitiya, the camp is surrounded by the sea. The beach comes right to the doorsteps of the resort, and the lagoon in which to kite surf, is just only a few minutes away. The calm and serene environment provided by the camp allows campers to unwind after a tiring day of kite surfing. The camp manages to blend into the environment rather than replace it.
However, Kite Surfing Lanka has a lot more to offer than kite surfing. They provide a spa experience with licensed therapists who are there to give campers much needed massages and other forms of physical therapy. Ranging from Thai to deep tissue massage, these forms of therapy help campers relax muscles by releasing the tension in them, as well as improving their range of movement.
There are also two yoga sessions taking place every day, helping the campers form a union between their body and soul. Yoga also helps greatly with balance and control, which are essential when it comes to Kite Surfing. Not to mention getting to do yoga while looking at the sunset and sunrise makes for a killer instagram post.

Kalpitiya, however, has more than just beautiful sites and kite surfing. Kalpitiya is also home to some of Sri Lanka's most unique wildlife. When the season's right, visitors get to see multiple species of dolphin, with the Spinner dolphin being the most common. It's not just the sea however; you get to see random wild donkeys all over the place.

Kalpitiya is one of those overlooked gems in our country. With so many amazing sites and activities, Kalpitiya is a must for any traveller, and kite surfing is something that should be in everyone's bucket list.



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