Ella and mini Adam’s Peak

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By 2017-10-01

By Uwin Lugoda

If you love hiking, camping or watching the sunset from atop a beautiful mountain, then Ella is definitely for you. Surrounded by a beautiful landscape, Ella is home to two of the most scenic hikes in all of Sri Lanka. The hike up Ella rock and to mini Adam's peak has been attracting trekkers from all over the world, and has made Ella one of the hottest tourist spots in Sri Lanka.

Ella Rock
The rock can be seen from anywhere in Ella and is extremely easy to distinguish from the other mountains.
The tough hike up the mountain is nothing compared to the view you get once you reach the very top. The four hour long hike may not seem like much, but it takes a lot of energy and will power to complete.

This hike is one of the best in Sri Lanka for many reasons, one of which is the diverseness of the hike. Starting off in the Ella train station, the trail takes you through train tracks; pass a waterfall, a rubber tree forest and a tea plantation. And once you reach the top, you will be greeted by a panoramic view that is accompanied by the mist and clouds.
The best time to climb the rock would be in the early morning where you'd be able to see the sunrise from atop Ella Rock and in the evening to see the sunset. During the rainy days the path can be slippery and caution should be taken. The locals are more than helpful and will give you directions on which paths are safer to take.

Once at the top, there is a small clearing that is perfect for camping. The whole area seems untouched by people, even though it has thousands of visitors each year. This is thanks to the conservation efforts of authorities and locals to keep this Sri Lankan gem pristine.

Mini-Adam's peak
Mini Adams peaks is one of those rare beauties that you just want to keep going back to. For this reason it has become one of the best attractions in all of Ella.

This is the closest and easiest hike to Ella. With a not so rough terrain, almost anyone can complete the hike. Just a 15 min walk from Ella town along the Passara Road and you will reach the entry point to this hike. Or you could also get there using public transport, and get down at the 3rd mile post just after the flower Garden Resort.

The entire hike takes around one and a half hours and is more like a relaxing stroll instead a hike. Mini Adam's Peak is 1141m in height and provides you with a 360 degree panoramic view once at the top. One of the many reasons tourists love this hike is because the trail in itself is a worthwhile experience. It takes you through lush green tea estates and brings you across some amazing views that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Mini Adam's Peak is best experienced in the morning and the evening so that you can catch the sunrise or the sunset. This also helps avoid the hot afternoon sun beating down on you while you climb.

Anyone visiting Ella should do both these hikes. Each of them gives a unique experience to the traveller, and both the views from atop Ella rock and Mini Adams peak are two things everyone should have in their bucket list.



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