Ella Wala Fall

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By 2017-10-01

By Uwin Lugoda

Ella Wala Fall is one of many waterfalls in Sri Lanka. It is a small but beautiful waterfall located deep within the jungle in the Moneragala District. Not many people know of Wala Fall. This is because it's been secluded from most and it's held on to its natural state with little human interference.

This small waterfall is hidden in more ways than one. Since it is so close to one of Sri Lanka's greatest tourist destinations, Ella, it has been completely over shadowed. It provides a rare moment in which one can enjoy a private waterfall, all to one's self. The waterfall which is accompanied by a pool which is safe to swim provides a beautiful setting for you and your loved ones.

While this hidden gem isn't the closest waterfall to Ella town, it certainly is one you should definitely visit. It's best for people staying in Ella for more than two days, as the journey back and forth is time consuming. To get to Ella Wala Fall you can use public transportation which will bring you close to jungle where the waterfall is situated. After traveling 20km from the Wellawaya Road from Ella, or just 3km from the Wellawaya town, you reach the Rathmal Vehera Ancient Temple. Directly across the road from this temple is a road that leads to the jungle. Since the road becomes a bit too rough, the best option is to catch a three-wheeler (Tuk Tuk) to reach the forest. For all the people who love hiking, the trek through the forest is pretty great and allows you to really connect with nature. After a trek of a few hundred metres you reach your destination. This trek can be dangerous during the rainy seasons as the rocks and path leading to the fall get slippery. The journey is a bit long but it's entirely worth it once you get to the beautiful waterfall untouched by man.



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