Being Superman

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By 2017-10-01

By Nelly Sparks

I am Abby and I am a girl, but I hate wearing frocks with pink frilly sleeves. I really don't like dolls because they scare the daylights out of me but more than anything I really don't like to wear a frock and parade behind my mother pretending to ignore all the goodies laid out on the table. My grandmother thinks otherwise, she says I should walk around dignified and ladylike. Her exact words were "you ought to behave like a girl".

Well as mean as it sounds I rather not be lady like, a goody two shoes. I would rather be eating blueberry cheesecake than pretending to ignore it! Grownups are always so annoying, they love the word "DON'T". C'mon it is the secret word for "ITS SO MUCH FUN!"
Each time they say "Don't" I know without a doubt, whatever it is, you better get started because it's going to be much more fun than you can ever expect!

My teacher thinks I am very "assertive". I really didn't know what that meant when she told my mother about it. Again such a grownup thing to do, I tell you. She had to go and snitch behind my back, it is as annoying as anything can be.

I really had to climb up on a chair and waste a lot of time (just like grownups would say) to find the dictionary and search and search. Then when I really didn't understand what the dictionary meant, I had to use my computer time to find what she meant by "Abby is very assertive." It took a lot of effort to find out that assertive means 'having or showing a confident and forceful personality.' I really didn't know what personality meant, I am only eight and there is only so much I would know, right?

Anyway what I understand is assertive means being like superman and knowing that you are Superman and behaving like Superman, or Wonder Woman I think. Just telling people this is what you want to do in a very Superman voice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being Superman or Wonder Woman is what I think. Also it's bad to eavesdrop on grown up talks, but they really weren't trying to talk in a secret voice, so I guess it doesn't count. Just wanted to remember that. That's it from me for the diary.



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