A chat with a little star

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By 2017-10-01

By Menaka Indrakumar

He was an instant hit after the song "Wassa Wahinawa" and the little wonder wooed viewers with his cuteness and voice. He was not even ten, but his confidence and attitude was way beyond his years. Sri D as he is called, is blessed with many talents beside singing and making music videos. The youngster, who will soon be collaborating on another song, had this to say to Ceylon Today;

How old where you when you sang "Wassa Wahinawa"?

I was six years old.

What inspired the collaboration?
As a kid my father encouraged me by saying I had a good voice and my mother trained me, which helped with the song. I was recognized so much after singing "Wassa Wahinawa". Last year, the Sri Lankan community wanted me to sing this song at a Christmas party in London. Everyone loved my performance.

Will you be doing new songs in the future?

With the help of Sunil Perera, I will be collaborating on a remix song called "Lunu Dehi" by the famous group Gypsies. Right now, I am busy with my studies and other activities. I was recently made the under-10 swimming champion. I am always producing the new song.

Will you make music a profession?

I want to produce a song every year.



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