Cuteness to Lips

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By 2017-10-01

By Menaka Indrakumar

Red or any shade of red is my colour. Sometimes I go with purple for the elegance and attitude it gives to your personality. I am a huge fan of lipsticks and it's the best make up discovery yet. Find the right shade and you hardly need to wear any makeup. While shopping, I came across an orange shade. It was Body Shop's Colour Crush Collection, the shade was Coral Cutie. I forgot about my red, purple, and nude colour obsession and settled for this. The colour doesn't look too bright, it has a tinge of red. It is smooth, just a layer or two would do the magic.

It gives your lips a perfect finish, makes them look beautiful, and doesn't shade too quickly. According to magazines, orange can only be worn by individuals with certain skin tones, but this proves the magazines wrong.

It has matte combined with a glossy look. This gives your lips a beautiful shine. Now that different lip colours are grabbing the limelight, why not experiment with new shades? Wear colours like this and wear the least amount of eye makeup and subtle foundation as the lip colour is enough to carry the look.

Like I said, it's not one of those lipsticks that fade quickly. You don't need to reapply after a meal or drinking fluid. It gives a simple faded look after some time. After trying the lip colour I settled for the Coral Cutie from the collection.

It comes covered in a silver tube with a translucent red cap. There are a variety of cap colours ranging from brown to pink and even red depending on the colour family it belongs to. The shade number is mentioned on the sticker that is attached at the bottom of the lipstick tube.

Body Shop's Colour Crush Collection comes in many colours and is available at Body Shop outlets.




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