A rendezvous with Gerald Solomons

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By 2017-10-01

By Shanith Fernando

Gerald Solomons is a name synonymous in the beauty industry. A man who has styled who's who of the world from beauty pageants winners around the globe to being a trainer, a proprietor and a successful hair stylist who operates the brand name Chagall Salon at Crescat Boulevard and Mount Lavinia Hotel.

Describe yourself in three sentences?

Very different from typical Sri Lankan or foreign males
Innovative; I don't believe in anybody's style but my own.
Too trustworthy; I give people too many chances

What's your motivating

The people who have failed in the beginning and tried and tried and succeeded, all of a sudden, because of their hard work or innovative nature like Richard Branson. These are the people that motivate me.

Biggest lesson you learnt in life?

Don't even trust your best friend in life
What's your success formula?
Hard work, the only way to be successful

The most beautiful and breathtaking destination you been to?

Sri Lanka has everything close together. Within an hour or so it's all different. I am not saying because I am Sri Lankan but this is my opinion.
Three vices you wish to get rid of?
Addiction to clothes
Workaholic, so need to wind down a bit

Favourite dress code, designer label, favourite drink and favourite cuisine, and music?

To be different – colourful garments, a hat, male jewellery
Marc Jacobs, Dior for more formal attire, Versace new range
Mango juice
More subdued listenable music

Most embarrassing moment in your life?

Yelling at somebody in New Zealand – and it was my next door neighbour, it was later after the shouting I realized it was not their music but a band that was playing in a close-by ground..

Your immediate three items in your bucket list?
Go to South America
To open my school of hair dressing
To be alive forever

Advice to your younger crowd?

For Sri Lankans – learn English, work hard, put your heart and soul into whatever you want to be, even if you are a road sweeper, do it well and then own the company. Follow your dreams, they do come true eventually.



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