Sugar Body Works

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By 2017-10-08

By Menaka Indrakumar

Seventeen and already concerned about the environment, Maryam Rishad is the founder of Sugar Body Works. She constantly wants to make a difference related to nature through her product.
From a very early age, she wanted to start her own business. "It was my burning desire to start early," she said. She stated that the main ingredient in her scrubs is sugar, adding sweetness to your bath.

Tell us what inspired you to start Sugar Body Works ?
The whole idea for Sugar Body Works really began with one simple question: "What has my contribution to the earth been? I pondered for months and I finally found the answer "nothing." The guilt of this, paired with my burning desire to start a business of my own, and my childhood fascination of playing around and experimenting with things lying around the house just sort of came together in one product. Right then, I knew I had found what I had been looking for.

Besides selling online where else do you sell?
Sugar Body Works is barely a month old, so the product hasn't really hit the stores yet, but I do have a lot of plans for the product.

What is the most sought after body scrub?
So far, our Rose Body Scrub is the most sought after body scrub.

Will you be linking up with any stores to launch the product?
I would love to, if I get the opportunity. I think it would be a great exposure for Sugar Body Works, and not to mention great fun to be able to collaborate with others who share the same interests.

Will you be doing a face scrub?
I will be doing it soon.

When did you start making the scrubs?
I started experimenting on the scrubs somewhere in April this year, and it might interest you to know that it took me about 15 tries, bordering on exasperation and nearly giving it all up, when I finally got it right.
The scrubs contain about 60 to 70% of sugar, so yeah, it is a key element.

Is sugar one of the main ingredients in the scrubs?
You mean aside from the track by Maroon 5? Well, this might come across as something foolish, but it mainly has to do with my major sweet-tooth weakness which most people have.

What made you come up with the name 'Sugar Body Works'?
On a side note, I'd like the other youngsters to know that it's never "too early" to kick-start your dream. You're always ready, you know it, but you just need to bring it out. All you really need is the passion, the drive and dedication to do it, and most importantly know what you do, and love what you're doing, because if you don't you're wasting your time.
It's only human nature for people to bring you down, or ask/tell you "are you sure?" "I don't think it's a great idea" "maybe you should try this" "are you for real?" "you're only a teenager!"



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