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By 2017-10-08

By Zainab Faizal

Whether it's for a member of your family or for that special someone, we want to go the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect for a special occasion! Yet, how often do you come across an exclusive curated gifting service in Sri Lanka that goes beyond the generic combo of chocolates, flowers and cakes?

PlushBox is Sri Lanka's newest gifting experience, founded by two dynamic women who are childhood friends. Their passion and background in design and gift-giving has made them innovators in the local gifting scene (which has been stagnant for much more than a decade now). And with that, the secret's out - PlushBox is your go to, for customized, personal and thoughtful gifting!

So you've got yourself a decent budget and you know what you want to get her/him, but you want to go that extra mile. Perhaps a beautifully wrapped pouch of her favourite marshmallows or his much loved shower gel, will do the trick. Incorporate all that, with a few more goodies, your favourite things and exclusive packaging that'll melt your heart, (like it did mine!).
PlushBox created the coolest box for me, and I wondered how they did it? It was simply by offering me a quick questionnaire to finds out some personal information!

Here are the questions I put forward to the ladies behind PlushBox:

1. Tell me a little about

We are career driven, creative women.
Alee – I'm a loud, fun, people's person who loves to sing and binge watch TV series. I enjoy thinking beyond the norm, doodling and can eat a 14" cheese pizza in one sitting. No really.
Naf – And I'm more of the introvert who loves spending my free time at home with my cat and watching a ton of YouTube (thankfully this does count as research for PlushBox!). I'm a bit of a baker, artist and dreamer. We are opposites and tend to balance out each other's personalities very well.

2. What inspires you?

We are both inspired by the small things. Our favourite however, is being surrounded by creative, like-minded people who are full of support, ideas and unique perspectives. We feed off positive energy and anyone who is down to have an open chat can really get us going!

3. What initiated PlushBox?

Alee – Being in a long-distance relationship, I was often let down by other gifting services that had your typical gift options- nothing unique and inspirational. I constantly felt as though gifting services in Sri Lanka could do much more.
Naf – Furthermore, having lived abroad most of my life, I struggled with finding local online gifting services that I could use for my loved ones in Sri Lanka. I love giving gifts, particularly going the extra mile with personalisation and packaging and to me, gifting something generic has always been a no-no. In many ways finding gifting options locally that resonated with my style has always been a challenge.
We developed PlushBox not only because we saw a significant gap in the market, but also because we wanted to make peoples' lives easier! Expressing your love to family and friends, shouldn't be as hard at it has become. We want our clients to take pleasure in making a loved one smile!

4. How has the response been so far?

Naf – Extremely positive. Our customers inspire and teach us something new every day and we love them for it! We've heard wonderful, touching stories from our clients who used a PlushBox to make a loved one smile and it is these stories that get us through the day.
Alee – We are new in Sri Lanka and are therefore constantly learning and growing. We have incredibly supportive family backing us and have met amazing people who have guided us along with way.

5. Where do you see PlushBox in
5 years?

Naf – While we will always continue to create gorgeous personalised gifts for our customers, we also aim to dominate corporate gifting in Sri Lanka.
Alee – Furthermore, in 5 years we hope to be promoting an extensive list of cult local products and working with several great local SMEs. Our aim is that in 5 years, we can curate using exclusively local products.

6. What would you like to tell young female entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka?

This is our time! Look around you, draw inspiration, just as we do, from other Sri Lankan ladies who have ventured into running their own businesses and starting empires. Be strong, stand your ground and persevere! There's so much that can be done if you love what you do.

7. What kind of products do you focus on boxing?

While we do curate using internationally sourced products, we are always on the hunt for equally great local products. We tend to prefer brands that are under-dogs, the ones who aren't hyped up enough. Further, we support small scale local businesses and promote products that are organic, fair trade and sustainable.

It is always important to us and we would be more than happy to receive the PlushBoxs we send out. Therefore, one of the key parts of our process is testing and using the products that we box. If we don't like it, it doesn't go in!

8. What has been the greatest challenge you've come across?

As a start up, it has been challenging to balance time, resources and cost. We initially just divided tasks and got them done, but as we grow, we've had to learn how to prioritize and manage time efficiently. There is a point where you feel like your capacity has to increase and you have to keep an eye on cost to ensure it is in line with finances. Figuring out this equation has been quite daunting.

Want to know what's inside my box in detail? Check out the vlog I posted on my Instagram! @queen_bae_1926

PS – Plushbox also has precurated boxes if you're too lazy to curate one or wish to purchase a box immediately!
You can follow them on [email protected]



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