How to predict with a dice

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By 2017-10-08

By Susil Premachandra

'Nimithi Shastra' (science of symbols and images) is an ancient discipline. The aim of this article is to explain how to make a prediction through a symbolic 'Nimitta'. In the past kings and members of the king's court were also said to have believed in this phenomenon.

At present some may think that the use of signs for prediction is a fake practice; the reason for this being their ignorance about the traditional values. In astrology, time is of utmost importance. Once a year, Astrology teaches us of the importance of working on time. A lesson that we learn after a certain incident remains in our mind only for a few days. We do not learn a lesson from our experiences. In the past people observed these traditions without any reservation and therefore the values thrived. Whatever one does has to be done with faith and trust. Buddha also stated that the most trusted one is the closest relative. Good and bad are universal attributes. Those who maintain values will never be drawn astray. Even the gods will approve of such people.
Let us look into the system of making predictions:

In some parts of the country people play dice during the Sinhala New Year season. These dices can be purchased in the market. Take three such small dices. Thereafter find a small box. Remember your religious beliefs and keep your mind focused. It is regrettable that values, gratitude and trust have diminished to a great extent from our midst. This topic is discussed here as it will raise awareness at least in some people.

Take one dice. Shake it in the box and put it on the table. Take the number on top. There is much power in the digits from 1-9. If 12 is on top, the value is 1+2=3. Always make it into a single digit. Take the numbers on top of the three dices and collect. Imagine the answer is 25. Understand that it is: 2+5=7. Now let us find out the results.

3-A sudden happy occasion is indicated. Your wishes will be fulfilled.
4-Good tidings will come to you.
5-A guest will arrive. He is a good person. Hopes will be fulfilled.
6-Be watchful as losses may take place.
7. You may be brought into unexpected disrepute.
8-You will be blamed by others.
9-You will be invited to an auspicious event.



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