Childhood Death and Moon

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By 2017-10-08

By Vishwamitra

The Moon is the planet that exerts the greatest influence on life on earth and all other terrestrial phenomena next to the Sun.Products of Mind
Moon rules over the mind while Sun rules over the soul or the inner self. The mind and the soul are the main components of human personality. The soul is the product of Purvakarma – the effect of one's actions both good and bad in his previous births. The mind is in a sense a product of your soul.

Intellect, intelligence, intuition, perception and the reasoning power are the products of the mind. These are the qualities that are essential for realizing one's full potential as a human being.

Power of the full Moon
A strong Moon in one's Natal Chart commands the power to nullify many other Arishta Yogas – evil combinations – present in the Chart, according to ancient Indian Rishis. For example, a full Moon in a Natal Chart even if it is placed in a Dusthana – an evil House like the 6th, 8th, or the 12th is capable nullifying a dreaded Yoga like Sakata Yoga.

While a strong Moon is a great blessing, a weak and an afflicted Moon could cause much misery and suffering to a native. We all know that a weak and an afflicted Moon could make one insane and cause him physical ailments such as bronchial diseases. There is yet another ill-effect that an afflicted Moon cause: a short life span or Balarishta.
Moon-related Yogas causing Balarishta
There are many Moon-involved planetary combinations that cause death in childhood. And it is important that students of Astrology get familiar with at least such major combinations for predictive purposes. It is noteworthy some of such combinations lead to the death of both mother and child.

If an eclipsed Moon joins a malefic in the Ascendant with Mars in the 8th House, both mother and child would die.
The newborn would die if Saturn, Sun Moon and Mars occupy the 12th, 9th, Ascendant and the 8th respectively without aspects of a powerful Jupiter.

The child would die early if a weak Moon in the Ascendant is aspected by the malefics from the first Derkana of the 7th House.
Death comes to a child early if the combust Moon and Saturn are in the Ascendant when Mars is placed in the 8th House.
A weak Moon when occupying the 12th House with malefics in the Ascendant and in the 8th House without benefics in the Kendras, the child would die early. If such a Moon gets beneficial aspects, the child would live up to the age of eight years and if the Moon gets mixed aspects, the child would live only four years.

If the weak Moon occupies the Ascendant while malefics are in the 8th or Kendras or if the Moon is between malefics occupying the 8th, 4th or the 7th, the child would die early. If the Moon is in the Ascendant with malefics in the 7th and the 8th without the aspect of powerful benefics, both mother and child would die.



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