Take care until November if you come under these signs

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By 2017-10-08

By Astrology teacher and poet Paragoda

Aries: Those who come under this sign should take care when on the road, driving, using tools and climbing as mishaps may occur in their haste to finish the work.

Taurus: As this is a period in which Taurans can experience stomach ailments, taking heat producing drinks can lead to kidney disease. Combination of heat producing foods with heat producing western medicine may lead to surgery. Working without a sense of time and place and pursuing wants instead of needs is not the best policy.

Cancer: Teachers and students, and those who have to face interviews may have to work amidst obstacles and loss.
Leo: If you are born under Leo, it is a period in which you will face issues related to rights. You may get involved in arguments; conflict may arise with family members; dislike for house, defeat in legal cases, deception with regard to purchase of a house or business place may be experienced.

Scorpio: You will feel anxiety, body heat, headache on one side and insomnia; there can be arguments and instability. Students and teachers may face difficulty if sitting for exams.
Sagittarius: Those who are born under Sagittarius will have opponents at home as well as workplace. They may experience headache on one side of head and sleep disturbance and will have to spend time in places such as Police stations and Court houses.

Capricorn: This is a good time for those who are born to Capricorn to start new ventures. As your old loans may be paid back, it is a good period to start the work that has been completed half way through.
Aquarius: If you come under Aquarius you may become a topic of discussion. Your old skills may surface. Work will accumulate. You may neglect your personal work due to busy schedule.

Pisces: if you were born under Pisces your past merit will surface. This is time to restart abandoned work.
You may come under malefic experiences if you are undergoing main and interim Dashas of Sun, Rahu, Mercury, and Moon and also if Saturn is located in the 12, 01, 04, 06 and 08 House of your horoscope. If Saturn is favourable or neutral the results will be average.

As Shanthi Karma will not suffice for overcoming malefic influences, it is wise to work with foresight and seek advice from suitable people.



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