VIMSHOTTARI DASA SYSTEM REVEALS Political Turmoil further analyzed

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By 2017-10-08

Bandu AbeySundara

Everything is in a state of disarray in the minds of the voters who cast their votes with the expectation of 'Good Governance'.
The bond scams, misappropriation of state funds for personal gain of a few and the recent verbal exchanges and unethical comments involving respectable Buddhist monks have given rise to doubts as regards the steadiness of the administration.
The winning political slogan of 'Good Governance' which was to be established and stabilized by the current coalition government, headed by the incumbent President and the Prime Minister appears to be in a state of disintegration resulting from unavoidable system procedures, needed to be adopted by the judiciary of the country.

Another Deputy Minister of Parliament had allegedly commented on the truthfulness of the judiciary, which would signal a probable and controversial political shift in the current alliance or a breakup.
The SAITTM issue remains unsolved; the verdict of the bond scam is yet to be announced and the offenders, if any, are to be punished as per the penal code of the country.

The prices of coconut, rice and cooking gas have gone up, thus losing the votes of the women in common, in case an election is held in the next few months.

If this situation persists, the voters would fall from the frying pan into the fire with no other party to vote for. Voters are now fed up of the practice of 'changing pillows' with the anticipation of 'Good Governance'.

If the gravity of the hour is not understood and remedied at the earliest, it is bound to make a shift or a change in the administration at the next general election, the premonitions of which would be witnessed at the next provincial council election.
Current planetary positioning in the zodiac includes a 'Kala Sarpa Yoga' which is deemed as quite detrimental to smooth functioning of an administration. Still, the transition of Saturn, the Lord of Aquarius into Sagittarius is considered as a highly favourable period for Sri Lanka in terms of influx of foreign aid, donations, expertise advices and a visible increase in the growth of the domestic income as well. It is during this 2 ½ years that Sri Lanka will flourish as a country in spite of cries and protests of a very few of the opposing elements who failed to come into power.

The movement of Saturn into Sagittarius on October 26 at 15: 32 hours could be easily regarded as a dream come true for the current coalition government, as more and more foreign collaborations and joint ventures are on the cards. This is mainly owing to the fact that Saturn owns the 12th House of Aquarius as well, which is accountable for foreign countries and aids and loans and mass foreign investments that would result in sky scrapers and highways, newer government offices, and novel technology with manufacturing facilities island wide.
The said bountiful period would continue for 2 ½ years from October 26 onwards and the country would commence its 7 ½ year malefic period caused when Saturn traverses the 12th, 1st and the 2nd of Houses of Aquarius which is commonly called an unfavourable or malefic period for Aquarians.
Therefore, it is high time, that the responsible authorities took advantage of the ancient divine science of Astrology and be well advised to face the anticipated political unrest, breakups and foreign involvements and the much discussed war crimes, if there have been any.

Ancient kings have reportedly utilized the services of astrologers during times of political crises is a fact that could be proved.
"O Brahmin! The Lord is in all beings and the entire Universe is in Him" said Maha Rishi Parashara, who lived in ancient India around 3000 BCE. He revealed to the world the great teachings of the Vimshottari Maha Dasha System, which is now mainly used in Sri Lanka, India and other eastern countries. It highlights and pivots on the interim period of a subject, for proper and accurate forecasting including interpretation of the past, and helps the astrologer to identify the activities and decisions a subject had been engaged in at a given period. By this method, if a subject purchases or sells a vehicle or a house, the period of the transaction could be easily adjudged with 100 percent accuracy; and this methodology applies to all affairs of life. By the analysis of the birth chart of the husband, the whereabouts and the activities, engaged in by his wife could be forecast as well. This is a supreme and intricate gift of divine knowledge, granted to a few.

In this method, the placement of the planet of the main period is taken as the 1st House and analyzed thereafter as usual as in the case of the natal birth chart. It is not difficult or easy, but easily mastered by prolonged penetration into the facts and fundamentals of the said system. For instance, under the system under topic, the fourth house of the main chart of a subject denotes vehicles, houses and as well as mother. In this case, positioning of the fourth House of both natal chart and the main period should be thoroughly scrutinized and interpreted before interpreting to the client.

Consequently, when reading a horoscope, two Houses and positioning of two planets have to be studied before predicting about the vehicles, houses, lands and mother of a subject. It applies to all other remaining 11 Houses of a birth chart as well.
The core of the teaching would not just end there that even the date when a subject purchased or sold a house could be traced, if the interim chart too is cast for analysis.
For all my clients, I have been using the said system including analysis of the interim period since 1996.
Not utilizing the correct methods for interpretation of horoscopes has caused dubiousness and doubts in the minds of many people in Sri Lanka as well as of many other countries.

The situation has aggravated when the westerners believed that the asterism of 'Asvida' happens to be in line with the first degree of the zodiacal sign of Aries only once in every 25,750 years, which is called 'Sayana System' whereas according to our 'Nirayana System' the asterism of 'Asvida' coincides with the first degree of the zodiacal sign of Aries on April 14 every year. The asterisms are 27 in number and 'Asvida' is the 1st asterism, while ARIES is the 1st zodiacal sign out of the total of 12 signs of the solar system. ([email protected])



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