Life is all about living

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By 2017-10-08

Many people mourned the sudden demise of 'Dasun Nishan', the popular young actor who recently took his own life; personal views of many individuals in this regard were posted on social media sites. Sri Lanka still remains on top in terms of suicide rates and reasons behind this need to be fully analyzed instead of providing mere explanations and views.

Although committing suicide is seen as a spontaneous act on the surface, it is the ultimate outcome of rather a long process. In clinically diagnosing , suicidal tendency is possible among the ones who are severely depressed; yet, they are not possibly spotted in the current circumstances as the mechanism needed to identify the ones suffering from severe depression and others mental disorders is yet to be precisely developed.

Depression may render a person dysfunctional; as a result, one might deviate from the normal routine when depressed. We tend to focus on the causes that could result in depression; but psychologists generally state that the manner in which we perceive external happenings might result in psychological problems including depression. Due to depression one might feel that life has become worthless and meaningless. That could be the irrationality of the person's perception. For instance, it is generally believed that breakups might result in depression and suicide; but it has to be questioned whether everybody in such a scenario suffers from depression or any other similar psychological problems. The answer is 'no'. It is because of the manner in which they perceive the events encountered in life. Certain incidents might be beyond your control; thus, attempting to be in control might be futile. Such situations might drag the person towards psychological disorders such as depression. When one starts suffering from depression, it is said that he or she feels that they are losing their grip on life which is far from reality.

Pressure suppressed in human mind needs to be released; if not, it might act as a volcano. Life without a friend is death without a witness; this becomes true when one is not able to find a trustworthy friend with whom one could share his/ her feelings ,

emotions and grievances. You need a trustworthy friend who could lend his/ her ears to you unconditionally and perhaps a warm shoulder to cry on. Unless the conditions are such, it is better to seek assistance from a qualified psychologist or counsellor whom you could trust and share your grievances with. It is said that suicidal thoughts arise in human mind despite the background of the person; thus, being aware of such thoughts will be helpful for someone to get rid of depression. Never allow your negative thoughts to cloud your mind and control your behaviour; the thoughts that come to your mind should be under your inspection and before they are acted upon, it is better to think twice. Some are engaged in meritorious and ritualistic acts when suffering from difficulties; and such acts need to be appreciated because they might help the person release pressure.

Such acts are generally considered as informal therapeutic techniques. Anyhow, if you feel that you are psychologically imbalanced it is better to talk to someone at your earliest. Life is yours; but others might have shares in your life. Life is all about living and not ending.



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