Thirty four million allocated for anti doping

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By 2017-10-12

By Rathindra Kuruwita

A sum of thirty four million rupees has been allocated for the period 2018 to 2020 to the Sri Lanka Anti Doping Agency (SLADA) from the Government Consolidation Fund to conduct doping tests, in order to ensure that sports is free of performance enhancing drugs.

A Cabinet memorandum put forward by the Ministry of Sports states that Sri Lanka currently does not have a facility to conduct doping tests and that urine and blood samples are sent to other countries for testing for banned substances.

"Rs 48,000 is needed to be paid for each sample," the memo said. The ministry added, that given the fact that Sri Lankan athletes will take part in several international competitions between 2018 -2020, steps have to be taken to ensure that Sri Lankan athletes do not use banned substances.

"Due to the high level of competition and commercialization athletes focus greatly on victory and there is the temptation to use banned substances, with or without the knowledge of the athletes," the memo said, hinting that if Sri Lankan athletes are found guilty of using banned substances it will be a great embarrassment for the country.

"Therefore, by promoting sportsmanship and by enhancing the awareness of these athletes who are about to participate in these international competitions on prohibited substances, the ministry wants to prevent unnecessary disgrace to the country," the memo read. The memorandum also states that these awareness programmes should also be conducted for students, parents, coaches and sports managers so, that school level athletes' knowledge of the risks using prohibited substances are heightened.

South Asian games will be held in Sri Lanka and around 3000 athletes will visit the country. Around 700 Sri Lankan athletes will also take part at this event.



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