Navies of the region should unite

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By 2017-10-12

Naval forces of the world, especially the navies of the SAARC region should unite and share information to enhance maritime visibility for greater security, the Advisor to the State Minister of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources Development and Vice Chairperson of National Fisheries Federation, Ayesh Ranawake said yesterday (11).

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Ranawake said "maritime visibility does not just refer to preventing everyday maritime transgressions such as poaching, narcotics and transnational crimes. It also includes imparting knowledge regarding fisheries and the Blue Economy. Blue Economy is the sustainable utilization of the ocean's resources. Global participation and incorporation is a must in this endeavour."

Furthermore, he added that while information can be convoluted and misleading, it can be overcome if nations cooperate. "There is an essential need for maritime coordination today. The lack of information leading to the deconstruction of maritime coordination among nation states is the biggest obstacle to progress. In this regard, we can first start with the countries involved in the Indian Ocean region like India, China, Pakistan, Australia, USA, and the South East Asian region with its maritime choke points and other developing countries on the African coast."

Partnership and information sharing was the underlying theme that all countries and organisations whparticipated at the Galle Dialogue 2017 agreed on.



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