10 SEUSL undergraduates suspended Harassing, intimidating fellow students

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By 2017-10-13

By Our Ampara Correspondent

Ten (10) undergraduates with the Faculty of Technology at the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) were suspended for a period of 30 days on Wednesday for allegedly harassing and intimidating fellow students, senior officials said yesterday.

The university premises have been declared 'out of bounds' for the group until further notice, they said.

It is alleged that these students were involved in physically and mentally harassing and intimidating fellow students with the intention of forcing them to quit their studies.

The group is also alleged to have insulted and threatened academic staff while behaving in an arrogant manner.

The suspended students have five days to respond to a charge sheet and failure to do so will enable the Senate of the University to determine the punishments based on the University Grants Commission (UGC) Circular No. 946.

In addition a Committee will hold an inquiry into the matter and further action will be taken based on recommendations made by it, the officials added.



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