NDB Wealth encourages savings on Deepavali

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By 2017-10-18

NDB Wealth, in a press release, encouraged people to celebrate Deepavali, the Hindu festival of lights, in planning ahead for life's milestones by saving money to light their path. While festival celebrations typically call for additional expenditure, the bank stressed the prudence of a plan in place to offset these expenses.

NDB Wealth purports to allow people to celebrate festivals in more splendour with the investment options they provide, promising expert advice and an unmatched product portfolio, added the release.
Their Money Market Funds are meant to be a platform for novice investors, and claim to offer almost double of what most savings accounts pay in Sri Lanka, with tax-free income credited daily.

NDB Wealth called for customers to work with them and put their financial planners to use towards empowering financial freedom, concluded the release.




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