Lanka Hospitals & Sri Lanka Heart Association to mark World Heart Day

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By 2017-10-19

Healthcare provider Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC joined the 'Heart Walk' organized by Sri Lanka Heart Association, held in commemoration of World Heart Day on 29 September, stated a press release.
The event is conducted annually to promote the importance of healthy living to the public. Under the patronage of Sri Lanka Heart Association, the event saw heavy participation, including schoolchildren, employees from public and private sectors and dignitaries, added the release.

Six themes were highlighted during this year's Heart Walk. Under the theme 'Share the Power', the Heart Walk focused on the importance of sharing healthy habits while inspiring people to be 'heart healthy'. A self-pledge was made to stop smoking, consume more fruits and vegetables, regularly check blood pressure, and lead an active lifestyle; the key determinants for reducing the risk of heart disease.

Urban lifestyles tend to be busy and stressful, with minimal physical activity and a bevy of unhealthy habits. As a result, a worldwide rise in heart disease has been observed, due to a number of factors such as unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, obesity, smoking, alcohol abuse and drugs, in addition to chronic health conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and coronary artery diseases. Early diagnosis and treatment for heart disease is imperative in order to prevent disabilities and premature death.

However, when it comes to detecting symptoms for heart diseases with precision, only a handful of hospitals in the country can facilitate the modern technology required. Due to the lack of infrastructure and resources for conducting sophisticated tests, patients suspected or already suffering from heart ailments are compelled to remain in a waiting list to undergo essential procedures.
Lanka Hospitals aims to alleviate the problem with its fully-equipped Heart Centre that purports superior care at affordable rates. The Heart Centre houses a ceiling-mounted flat panel Catheterization laboratory (Cath Lab) with a Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) system to conduct heart procedures with precision.

The Heart Centre at Lanka Hospitals provides a dedicated staff to serve the patients around the clock, eliminating the typical wait time for procedures. The centre's Cath Lab performs angiogram, angioplasties with stent placement and pacemaker implantation in addition to facilitating exercise ECG, Echo and 24 hour blood pressure and ECG monitoring.
The Heart Centre's surgical staff performs bypass surgeries, congenital heart defect cor

rective surgeries and valve replacement and repairs surgeries at its three dedicated theatres. The centre also houses a Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (ICU), providing post-operative care and monitoring.

The Heart Centre of Lanka Hospital has reportedly performed the highest number of heart surgeries and Cath Lab procedures in the private medical sector of Sri Lanka. It has also successfully completed over 7500 heart surgeries, and is the only private hospital specialized in conducting Paediatric heart surgeries, concluded the release.




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