Sampath Bank celebrates ‘Thrift Month’ with eco-friendly gifts

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By 2017-10-19

Sampath Bank is celebrating 'Thrift Month' this October, a gift promotion to incentivize depositors to save money, stated a press release.

During this period, the bank is rewarding general savings accountholders with SLS-certified LED bulbs that will reduce electricity bills while contributing towards an eco-friendly Sri Lanka, added the release. LED bulbs consume less electricity than CFLs, have a longer lifespan and are mercury-free.
Savings account holders will receive one 7W LED bulb for a savings deposit of Rs 20,000 and two 7W and a 9W LED bulb for a savings deposit of Rs 50,000. The Bank will issue special vouchers for account holders to collect their gifts from over 700 dealers across the island.

Sampath Bank, Senior Deputy General Manager – Consumer Banking Tharaka Ranwala said, "As a national financial services provider, we see it as our responsibility to encourage customers to be fiscally responsible by instilling in them the habit of saving. Our impact on the environment is also important; thus, our choice in gift this year was an effort to help customers save more and help them become more eco-friendly.

We see this promotion as not only rewarding our customers, but also serving the nation."
This endeavour will coincide with World Thrift Day on 31st October, concluded the release.



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