K’Nochchi poorest, at Rs 28,483 Household expenses increase to Rs 62,237 pm Rich spend Rs 158,072 pm per household

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By 2017-10-21

By Paneetha Ameresekere

Sri Lanka's average household expenditure, per month, increased to Rs 62,237 last year as opposed to Rs 45,878 in 2012/13, when the last of such surveys was conducted prior to last year, the Census and Statistics Department (CSD) said, in a report released on Thursday (19).

Sri Lanka's average household size last year was 3.9 persons per household, the CSD said. With a mid-year population as at the middle of last year estimated at 20.43 million, this reflects that there were 5.2 million households on an average last year, upon extrapolation.

"However, the monthly expenditure of the richest which comprised 20% of the population was Rs 158,072 last year, while that of the poorest 20% of the households, a mere Rs 14,843 per month," the CSD said.

As far as the balance 60% of households was concerned, their average monthly expenditure levels were Rs 46,097,......the CSD said adding that of Sri Lanka's poorest 40% households (comprising 40% of all households in the country), their monthly household income was a mere Rs 22,423.

Last year, the average monthly per capita income per household was Rs. 16,377, as opposed to Rs 11,819 in 2012/13, an increase of 39%.

The national value of the Gini coefficient of household income last year was 0.45, a decline from 0.48 reported in 2012/13, said CSD. A Gini coefficient score of household income of '0' means perfect equality whereas a score of '1' is a reflection of perfect inequality, where, just one household is responsible for all the household expenditure in a country.

Among the districts, the highest average monthly household expenditure was reported from Colombo District (Rs 90,670) and the lowest was from Kilinochchi (Rs 28,483).

The average monthly total household food expenditure last year was Rs. 19,114 comprising 34.8 per cent of total expenditure, as compared to 37.8 per cent in 2012/13.




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