The Make Up Shop LK

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By 2017-11-12

By Zainab Faizal

Sri Lanka might be bringing your favourite department stores and restaurants down, but a ladies ACTUAL best friend? We're facing a serious shortage of good quality make up and believe me when I say that's a massive crisis. With Instagram being our latest portal for online shopping and (stalking) we›ve also got our fair share of stores that sell A-grade or replicas that might have potentially harmful ingredients. But fear not, we've got The Make Up Shop LK! A bunch of girls with an obsession over makeup and skin care products decided it was time they started this venture to offer an invaluable service to the thousands of women in the country! I've tried the Colorpop Minimattes, lippie sticks and the Mario Badescu skincare products that were authentic and felt great on the lips and skin! Here's an exclusive interview with them!

What inspired to open the store?
What inspired us to open the store... um... 'coz we absolutely love makeup and it's such a bummer that there's no Sephora or an Ulta store here. We solely want to bring down AUTHENTIC makeup and skin care products for Sri Lankans as not everybody has the ways and means of getting it from abroad. Plus we don't want people getting caught to replicas. We've personally experienced such instances. So that's when we decided we should put up a page of our own to help people get what they want.

What do you offer?
We offer all kinds of skincare and makeup goodies. From drugstore to high-end brands, you name it. We've got all the hot stuff plus all the hard-to-get-hold-of stuff.

Do you have any particular favourite brands?
We do have a few store favourites. Our top most would definitely be Huda Beauty followed by Kylie Mac Urban Decay Too Faced ABH and not forgetting Colorpop.

How quick are you with orders and to bring the brand new releases to Sri Lanka?
Most of the products are based on pre-order. So it roughly takes 20-25 days for us to deliver. But we've also started selling stuff on immediate purchase as lots of our followers have been messaging us constantly asking if we could. So yes, we do have products in stock too.

Where do you see the The Make Up Shop in a few years?
Right now, we haven't even really thought about it. Depends on how well we progress. So far it's all been good. The response is just amazing. If this continues, we'd probably put up a store.
I can't really say for sure. Only time will tell.

What inspires you?
What inspire us would definitely be the customers. Their love for the products as well as their support for us. It's amazing how they trust us to bring down their favourite products - which is why we always consider giving back. This is not just about the money. To us, customer satisfaction is most important. That's why we constantly host giveaways and run polls. Their love is what keeps us going.

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