Indian Summer

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By 2017-11-12

By Zainab Faizal

Indian food is a gift from the Gods above for our hearts, souls and tummies and fills us with much required love and butter chicken masala that even our partners in life fail to give! Indian Summer has been around Sri Lanka for a while but unlike most restaurants that tend to decline in consistency and quality - Indian Summer still stands tall on the Indian Food scene offering the best, drool worthy food in town. And let's eat in pin drop silence because this is food is worth our complete attention!

Here's what I checked out:

Butter chicken Masala
This dish has more butter than the guy who comments on your Instagram selfies. You can practically see the clarified butter glistening atop the thick delicious gravy that was sweet, sour, tangy and creamy, all at the same time with juicy and succulent chunks of meat!
The Naan was soft and fluffy and simply delicious on its own!

Chicken Biriyani
See I'm a massive Biriyani fan but most Biriyani offered at Indian restaurants tend to be as dry as African drought and believe me it's really sad that you need a ton of gravy and sometimes even that doesn't help. But this one, praise the gods, was fantastic! It was juicy, packed with flavour and looked like a happy Desi girl with its vibrant colours. Absolutely yum!

Tandoori Chicken
Sizzling hot and totally killing that Tandoori char Grill look. I for a fact didn't know a chicken dish could look that sexy. I mean just look at it! The slightly burnt edges to the orange hue, brings just the right amount of smoky, Tandoori flavours as you nibble into the meat. Rawr.

Mutton Rogan Josh
Every time I hear the dish Rogan Josh, I just go "Oh my gosh!" because this is just Lit. The mutton is super soft and succulent along with a slightly spicy gravy that distinguishes itself from the rest.

I know I sound like I'm complimenting everything at this restaurant but everything was honestly on point! This raita was packed with chaat Masala giving it an Indian Summer twist to the average ones you usually find!
Lime & Mint
Your classic lime & mint drink - nothing to brag about.

Gulab Jamun
The only balls you need in life! These warm precious little balls of condensed milk soaked in cardamom sugar syrup are what sweet dreams are made of!

Carrot Halwa
If you want a classic Bollywood party inside your mouth with all the A list celebrities dancing to merry tunes - then one bite of this and you're 'Desi Girl My Desi Girl.' Who on earth knew carrots can taste this yum? WHO KNEW!!

I›m not being racist or anything but Indian ice creams are practically you won't find something as creamy and yummy as these like ever. The cardamom and pistachio flavours combined with this milky goodness is killer!



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