My Sister’s Kitchen Good food is happiness! – Thushara Innasithamby

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By 2017-11-12

By Menaka Indrakumar

The love of a sister is second only to a mother's love, and it shows in everything she does. Cooking has been a passion for this ex-banker. 'My Sister's Kitchen' is combination of authentic spices and delicious food, served with love.
Started by Thushara Innasithamby in 2014, with regular orders for scrumptious home cooked meals, it is a successful venture that caters to a large clientele.

Recipes which have been passed down from generation to generation, add a special touch to the food. Thushara adds that her family loves cooking and feeding people. After working in the banking sector for 15 years, she decided to pursue her passion and transitioned to catering. She now successfully caters large and small events. The menu, as I found out, is value for money, be it chicken or the potato curry. While the roti was tender, yet filling, the string hopper pilau is also something to try. Best of all, the food was delivered on time and we weren't kept waiting. Here, she speaks to Glamour magazine about business, food and a change in careers.

Why did you choose Jaffna Cuisine?
Our roots are in Jaffna and our palates are used to the flavours. Also, there was a void in the market for this style of food and nothing can beat something close to the heart!
What is special about your preparations?
It's simple home cooking which would taste as if it was cooked by your loved ones.
How many functions have you catered to so far?
We have been in operation for 4 years now and been a part of many functions. It's always good to be a part of great things - we have done all kinds of events – kids' parties, homecomings, birthday parties and big matches. Lately, a couple will be getting married and we can't wait to do the catering to go with their love story.
We love listening to stories and making food to match guests.
What is unique about Jaffna preparations?
It's the spices. Tamarind plays a major role. The dishes are mostly dry and it's very Kerala inspired.
What is your favourite preparation?
Crab Curry!
Why and when did you start 'My Sister's Kitchen'?
This was started in 2013 and was initiated by my brother and as I could not come up with a name, I ended up calling it 'My sister's kitchen.'

Which recipe do you use most of the time?
My mother's curry powder recipe which gives the unique flavours to the dishes is something that has been passed down many generations now.

What is your brother's favourite dish from your cooking?
For Danu (Innasithamby), he is a fussy eater, a bit of a drama queen and he needs things to be dry. I have to cook separately for him.
From banking to catering, how was the transition?
Banking is my profession and cooking is my passion - the only transition is that I have to work with only flavours, but both these jobs need to end with happy

customers. I think good food gives a 'nicer' sort of happiness and I'm happiest when cooking.




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