Spicy Mint & Indian Gooseberry Margarita

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After a week of serious work, clubbing on a Friday night is a fine idea to de-stress and give the weekend a fresh welcome. When Friday night celebrations kick off with drinks served at every table, teetotallers like me may find themselves out of options. A Margarita however, can help a moderate teetotaller join in the fun.

And it is also quite difficult to say no to one when it is served at your table!
Anyway, Margarita is a ladies' drink isn't it?

Wanting to learn the recipe of a Margarita, I approached the bartender when out with friends one night. He was kind enough to show me how this cocktail is blended. I learnt to make Margarita while the rest of the crowd was totally spellbound with drinks and music.
He shared with me the general recipe of Margarita and also told that there are various types of Margarita but they can hardly be found in Sri Lanka. With that basic knowledge, I resolved to experiment on a novel blend.

To come up with a novel taste, I first prepared a common Margarita a couple of times to get familiar with the process of blending cocktails. Since I got a good response for it from my Margarita-loving friends, I wanted to invent a novel drink. I tried different recipes and today I will share with you novel way of making Margarita with a different taste.

I invited a few of my friends who are well-acquainted with the taste of Margarita to comment on my innovation. The comments were good and here is the recipe for you.
By the way, I named it Spicy Mint Indian Gooseberry Margarita. But my friends are a bit lazy to pronounce that name so they call it 'SMIGMa.'

You will need the following to make a glass of Spicy Mint Indian Gooseberry Margarita:
Ice cubes - 5 (or to your preference)
Jalapeño (chil li pepper) - 3 slices
Freshly squeezed lime juice - 25ml
Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 25ml
Indian Gooseberry juice - 150ml
Mint - 5 sprigs
A cocktail shaker
Margarita Glass
Glass Rimmer
To garnish: Kosher salt, a slice of lime, mint leaves, Jalapeño slices, white sugar and white pepper
Let's make Spicy Mint Indian Gooseberry Margarita!
Slice Jalapeño finely and put two slices in the cocktail shaker and muddle. Then add the ice cubes followed by the lime juice, lemon juice and Indian Gooseberry juice.

Next you have to add Tequila and mint leaves.
After adding all these ingredients, shake the ingredients well.
Preparing the Margarita Glass to serve:
When making Margarita the best salt that can be used for rimming the Margarita Glass is Kosher Salt. This is also known as Koshering Salt which is coarse in nature. Its grains are large in size than the ordinary salt. Put some Kosher Salt, fine white pepper powder and white sugar into the glass rimmer and rim the Margarita glass.
If you do not have a glass rimmer at home, you can always use a saucer to rim the Margarita glass. Put the above ingredients into a saucer and twist the Margarita glass on the saucer. In order for the ingredients to stick to the glass, you have to first run a slice of lime over the rim of the glass before dipping it in the saucer.
Once the glass is decorated, you can pour the Margarita into the glass from the shaker.
Now, serve the drink with a slice of lime on the glass.

If any Margarita remains, you can make Margarita Ice Pops to cool down during scorching afternoons.
Margarita Ice Pops
This is how Margarita Ice Pops are made and it is easy as making any ice pops:
Pour the remaining Margarita in an Ice Pop mould and freeze.
That's all. When the pops are frozen you can enjoy!

As I told you, I am not a fan of alcohol but when I want to relax, I prefer a Spicy Mint Indian Gooseberry Mocktail without Tequila. Wow, it's refreshing when you sip this if you feel exhausted!
Try an SMIGMa this weekend and invite your friends home. When you serve up this homemade SMIGMa, don't blame me for sharing the recipe because you can't escape from them once they taste your Margarita. You will end up becoming their DB (Designated Bartender).

SMIGMa is a refreshing drink with the medicinal properties of Indian Gooseberry. So, you do not have to worry about your health as this Margarita has a medicinal value in itself. You can have fun as well as improve your health at the same time as SMIGMa will not deteriorate your health.

You can also experiment with different types of Margaritas at home. You can add strawberry, passion fruit, pineapple, kiwi fruit or any fruit with a sour taste in place of Indian Gooseberry and make different Margaritas. Good Luck with your experiments and happy drinking!
See you next week with another crazy recipe!



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