Unintentional Murder and law

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By 2017-11-12

(Continued from last week)
Walked into my office one day was a man of about 35 years of age who had unexpectedly made an aggressor or a rival out of a man he casually met, over a trivial issue which he had never thought would end up in a brawl; the aggressor too on his part would not have known that his life would soon end and that he would leave behind all his loved ones for good during the unexpected brawl. It is my long experience since 1995 that criminals, thieves, scammers and even rapists confess to astrologers about the crimes they have committed in the past with the expectation of knowing in advance whether they would be caught by the maser net of the Police or CID, escape from which is an illusion.

I thoroughly examined his horoscope as the first step to verify, if he is a professional killer who undertakes murder contracts targeting specific individuals and if he is given to fits of anger or aggression. I did the calculations in order to find out the main, sub and interim periods he was undergoing at the time, after which I noted the pathway or transition of Saturn in his chart. This is a very pivotal and significant presence in a chart, as any a veteran astrologer might get misled in the disclosure of his predictions.

In his birth chart illustrated here for the benefit of all beginners as well as veteran astrologers, a Maha Purusha Yoga, known as Guruhansa Yoga can be seen. Mercury and Venus combination is ideal for a happy family life, decent manner of speech and inheritances of land and ownership of a fixed deposit as well. The ruling planets of the 8th and 9th Houses of fortune and danger respectively being Saturn is ill placed in the 5th House of wisdom, children and love. Saturn and Mars combination is a malefic indication for a very few. During main or sub or interim periods of these planets any unexpected mishap, accident, injury, surgery or violent scuffles may occur, irrespective of the good or bad period one may be going through.

Placement of Dragon's Tail in the 6th House only testifies to his fearlessness and courage and tendency for quarrelsomeness and arguments. Therefore, a murderous temperament on his part could never be justified. Mars sheds aspects to the 1st House, which denotes the mind, head and the mechanism of the brain on impulse and provocation. This is no ample proof to prove that he is a violent underworld gangster, owing to the mere fact that people with Mars placed in the 1st House have hardly committed murders.
I was able to trace the main, sub and interim periods, during which the unintentional death of his opponent had taken place. This unintentional killing had happened when the person under discussion, yet to be proven of his guilt, was going through the main period of Venus (the lord of the 2th House), Sub period of Saturn (the lord of the 8th House) while in combination with Mars (the lord of the 6th House).

In addition to the above astrological phenomena, his 7 ½ year malefic period due to movement of Saturn into his 12th House in the birth chart too had commenced on 06-06-2000, before the tragedy occurred on 1998-08-28.
The accused is currently awaiting the final verdict, to be delivered shortly.

Summing up the foregoing, fighting techniques, such as martial arts, judo and kung fu, utilized for self-defense need to be used cautiously during any confrontation, even if the cause of the issue is unlawful on the part of the aggressor.
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