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By 2017-11-12

By Ramya

This was my grandma's secret hair growth oil recipe for super fast hair growth. This homemade herbal hair oil contains only two ingredients and they are Bhringraj (Kikirindiya) and Amla(Nelli). Bhringraj and Amla have been used to promote hair growth from ancient times and this hair growth remedy contains only these two ingredients which are highly effective. This homemade herbal hair growth oil has multiple hair benefits. Bhringraj and Amla in the oil promotes super fast hair growth and makes hair grow long and thick in a short span of time. Amla is a wonderful home remedy for dandruff and scalp itchiness. Bhringraj in this hair oil treats premature graying of hair very effectively and regular use prevents premature graying completely. This hair oil prevents and treats split ends and also makes the hair shiny and glossy. This hair oil arrests hair fall immediately and helps restore lost hair.

Grandma's hair growth oil recipe:
coconut oil: 1 cup
bhringraj/kikirindiya: 1/2 cup
amla/nelli: 3

Method: Wash Bhringraj and put it in a mixer. Remove the seeds from Amla and add it to Bhringraj in the mixer. Grind to a coarse paste without adding any water. Now heat coconut oil and add the ground paste. Continue heating the oil till the sizzling sound stops which indicates that the water content has been fully evaporated. Once the water content has been evaporated, switch off and strain. You hair growth oil is ready to be used!
How to use for promoting faster hair growth? Daily take little bit of the oil and massage well into the scalp. This oil can be stored for about 6 months.



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