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By 2017-11-12

By Shanuka Kadupitiyage
Ceylon Today Features

Tom Clancy is one of the most influential names in literature, cinema and even video games. Renowned for his gripping stories, accurate information and witty dialogue; his name still remains a time-tested brand that is instantly recognizable, capable enough to create high expectations, and deliver.

He entered popular culture with his first book The Hunt for Red October in 1984, which was expected to sell approximately five thousand copies. However, the book sold over two million copies and even received praise from President Ronald Reagan. The book was commended for its technical accuracy and its witty dialogue. Soon after, many of his books were adapted into movies, with contributions from popular actors and directors.
In the year 1996, Tom Clancy co-founded Red Storm Entertainment; a video game company with Royal Navy captain Doug Littlejohns and creative director Steve Reid. After a few small-scale strategy games released, the company released Rainbow Six; a game based on Clancy's novel bearing the same name. In contrast to the Call of Duty style run-and-gun shooter games, Rainbow Six was the first-ever true tactical First Person Shooter game, where players had to co-ordinate with a team to perform extractions, breaches and assaults. Tactical thinking and fast reflexes were given primary focus and the team based strategic game of this style was completely new to gaming audiences.

Soon after the company was absorbed by Video Game Company Ubisoft and the name of "Tom Clancy's" was also purchased by them. While the input by Clancy himself into these games are up in speculation, the brand "Tom Clancy's" became one of the biggest franchises of Ubisoft, spawning multiple best-selling games with tactical combat, witty dialogue and co-operative play.
The "Tom Clancy's" brand houses various kinds of gaming titles. However, there are three major names under this franchise.
Rainbow Six continued under Ubisoft as squad based tactical shooter games taking place in urban environments. These games focused on preparation, planning and quick thinking among squad members as they tried to neutralize enemies, save hostages, and even diffuse bombs. So far there have been seventeen Rainbow Six games so far, with Rainbow Six Siege being the most recent, released in 2015.

Ghost Recon was introduced as a squad based tactical shooter game in outdoor environments. The latest release came this year titled Ghost Recon Wildlands, being the first open world game of the series. The series consisted of fourteen games which previously took a more futuristic approach, however returned to a more grounded style of gameplay mechanics. One of the most memorable Tom Clancy's games is the Splinter Cell franchise. With seven releases, the games follow Sam Fisher; a covert-ops specialist. Unlike previous titles, while relying on strategy, Splinter Cell's objective was to complete missions unnoticed by enemies, rewarding stealth based gameplay over aggressive play styles. The game had mechanics where players had to hide using shadows and even avoid making noise, which would alert enemies. Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell soon became a highly acclaimed name in the stealth game genre.

The latest name in the "Tom Clancy's" series is The Division. Another squad based online shooter game where players are set in a run-down New York City, facing collapse after a smallpox pandemic. Players must provide order and take down criminals who are rampant on the streets while salvaging loot and resources. The game quickly broke Ubisoft's record for the highest first-day of release sales with an estimated amount of 330 Million US Dollars.

While the franchise continues after Clancy's death in 2013, he continues to be one of the most influential names in the industry, not only for his contribution to the industry, but also what is expected from the brand "Tom Clancy's".



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