Making SL more sport savvy

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By 2017-11-14

By Dyan Pathiravithana

To get its sports standards to a high level a country has to get its populaces' comprehension on social matters, especially with arts and sport uplifted.

The majority of Sri Lankans - as a rule - are not sports savvy. In such a society activities such as sport are not attractive, whereas sports are activated by the large number of spectators coming to watch these events.

Events in the modern global society could be classed as an accepted way of describing the richness of its public. There are worthy events that have grown in such places that may have to do with arts and sports.

People that cannot appreciate these are the ones that block essential avenues that allow the growth of a society. Such stories get reported in Sri Lanka almost daily. One such that got headlines recently was to do with athletics.

The climatic conditions in the up country are well known for its connections with the environment there. Due to it being the highest elevated area in Sri Lanka and its cooler conditions compared with the rest, people have set aside the best of months to be there to spend one's vacation time.

Another discovery has been made to do with sports, especially athletics, where high elevation training has been found to be an essential part in middle distance and long distance running, which has been carried out in Nuwara Eliya in recent times.

The best location in Nuwara Eliya to do training has been the Nuwara Eliya Municipal ground where tracks have been laid out especially for athletics meets to be conducted. But it has not been given the importance it deserves by the Municipal Council, the owners of the place, who are responsible for the preservation of it.

The Nuwara Eliya Municipality has been renting the very grounds used for athletics for such purposes as holding parties, musical shows and religious programmes where putting up structures were needed. These have been carried out even at the expense of digging up the very track meant for athletics and athletes to practice on. They do this as they need funds to run their organization. It only depicts the type of ignorance growing in such a place of importance that holds responsibility for uplifting the municipality range under them.

Had the Municipal authorities been aware of what was meant by high altitude training and how they were supposed to serve such deeds, none of these would have been allowed to take place. They were not privy to such. The purpose of renting should have been done with the idea of putting back the money on maintaining the ground. If so the digging of it would not have been carried out.

It is the same with the goings on at most such organizations that have been under the care of people who have no idea or clue as to the role they are expected to carry out. Take the Sugathadasa Stadium where the track had been torn apart with usage. The authorities wanted to repair the track at first, time was wasted on it. The non availability of the usage of the synthetic track only stood against the progress of athletics.

It is the comprehension of such that will allow the darkness to disappear and make people to see more clearly and work on sports purposefully to gain out of it. Events require places for them to be held and most of those grounds under club ownership in Colombo do hold these events. They are done methodically and the money gained from such is ploughed back to the very ground for development. People should have been educated in these matters and that shortcoming has hindered the country's athletics progress tremendously.



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