Radical groups proliferating Govt Intending to disrupt Constitution making

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By 2017-11-14


Radical political groups that are determined to disrupt the new Constitution-making process are already cropping up and should therefore not be allowed to continue, the Government claimed.

Minister of Health Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, addressing a public forum to spread awareness regarding the ongoing debate on the new Constitution, said that radical political groups had emerged in opposition to the ongoing process both in the North and the South. With the participation of all the health industry trade unions and the National Movement for a New Constitution, this is the first of a series of public forums with the goal of addressing the false information that surrounds the subject of the proposed Constitution.

The Minister made this statement in the wake of the Eelam People's Revolutionary Liberation Front (EPRLF) breaking away from the Tamil National Alliance in disagreement over the Interim Report of the Constitutional Assembly. "We have, forever, been fighting to save our race since and we are still fighting. We have now begun fighting for our religion too. I wonder whether we will attempt save our caste as well in the future. This Constitution is now being challenged from many ends now; both from the North and the South are opposing it in order to suit their own agendas. The decisions that we take today will decide our future; either to be criticised or complimented and we should not voluntarily bloody our hands," he opined.

Deputy Minister of Power and Renewable Energy Ajith P. Perera also addressed the gathering expressed his contentment that the matters involving the proposal to create a secular State be included in the new Constitution has now been resolved.

Professor Sarath Wijesooriya addressing the gathering beseeched the gathering to make informed decisions, without adhering to the second rate opinions of others. With regard to matters involving the new Constitution in the making, he requested all to make informed decisions based on proper and accurate information, despite the overwhelming surge of fake news.



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